Travel Theme: Meeting Place

July 30th, 2014

You can find tapas, seafood and special “coke” cans at this Barcelona meeting place.
#kvpspain : A delicious tourist trap in #barcelona. Yummy seafood, tapas and street vendors with sketchy $60/coke cans. #fb
Plaça Reial in the Barri Gòtic.

We used this Cusco landmark to guide taxi drivers and Americans.
Plaza de Mayor in Cusco, Peru.

I watched friends and family meet for food and conversation in this French Canadian market.
Marche Jean-Talon in Montreal.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Meeting Place.

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100 Happy Days: Monterey Bay

July 28th, 2014

I love weekend getaways to Monterey Bay.

We took our time on the drive down 101. We did some wine tasting in the Uvas Valley. I was pleasantly surprised by the wines in Morgan Hill and Gilroy.
We also had a blast playing bocce ball at Sarah’s Vineyard.

Sampled chocolate caramels and enjoyed the view on Fisherman’s Wharf.

I started with a smoky Negroni at Restaurant 1833. We loved the tasting menu.

Day 84 of 100 Happy Days.

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100 Happy Days: Nose

July 27th, 2014

Nose in nook.
Cuddling with Daisy before work.

My bundle of furry love. Best seat in the house. She was sad to leave my lap.

Day 83 of 100 Happy Days.

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100 Happy Days: Bone Marrow

July 26th, 2014

Succulent bone marrow delight in San Francisco.

This is a tasty small plate at Beast and the Hare. It’s served with grilled toast. It’s melt-in-your-mouth good.

Day 82 of 100 Happy Days.

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Photo Friday: Portrait

July 26th, 2014

Portrait of a hero.
Inside St. Cecilia in San Francisco.

Portrait of faith.
Inside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Portrait of blue.
Street Art in the Mission
In San Francisco’s Mission.

Portrait of travelers.
Inside La Alcoba Azul in Barcelona.

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Portrait.

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100 Happy Days: Nut House

July 25th, 2014

Lunch at Antonio’s Nut House in Palo Alto.
I love the crazy ceiling tiles.

Antonio’s used to be a watering hole for Facebook employees.

Also – a great spot for good, cheap Mexican food. I liked my carnitas taco.

Day 81 of 100 Happy Days.

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100 Happy Days: Healthy Living

July 24th, 2014

Healthy living and feeling stronger.
I used a 12-pound medicine ball for sit-ups and Russian twists during today’s O2 Bodyfit class. It was a tough circuit. However, I could handle the weight.
Last year, I used a 6-pound ball.

After class, I made vegetable quiche cups with green bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and red onions. I added Pepper Plant hot sauce.
I used a recipe from “The Kitchen is My Playground.”

Also – I love having leftover quiche cups!

Day 80 of 100 Happy Days.

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100 Happy Days: Obstacle Course

July 23rd, 2014

Taking on the obstacle course for O2 Bodyfit Bootcamp.

Battle ropes, box jumps, medicine ball burpees and more.

A sweaty good time!
Day 79 of 100 Happy Days.

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100 Happy Days: Drakes Bay

July 22nd, 2014

Hello Drakes Bay.

Introducing friends to this amazing oyster farm. Also, saying good-bye. I am quite sad that Drakes Bay Oyster Company will close at the end of this month.

We enjoyed showing Suzanne and Ryan all we knew about shucking oysters. It’s not much. I hope it helped.

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100 Happy Days: Pasta

July 21st, 2014

Pasta inspiration from Extra Virgin. Debi Mazar’s family looked like they enjoyed making fresh pasta.

Plus – it looked like this family had the solution to stop noodles from sticking together: Semolina.
#kvpkitchen Fresh pasta!! Ready for some sauce!!

I followed Gabriele Corcos’ recipe.
#kvpkitchen Making adorable pasta dough! Ready to roll out!!

I was amazed by this pasta dough. It felt like we finally hit the perfect ratio of eggs to flour. I think this is our best batch of pasta. Ever.

We served it with Gabriele’s red sauce and leftover zucchini cheese balls.


Day 77 of 100 Happy Days.

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