“En Francais!”

oh boy….this should be interesting…

Chicago Tribune | Ubiquitous Starbucks waters down Paris debut

” This low-key, non-confrontational approach seems far from accidental. France is well-known for protesting the presence of multinational organizations, particularly if they are American. In 1999, French farmer Jose Bove became a national hero after he drove his tractor through the front of a McDonald’s restaurant.”

I adore Starbucks. I worked there for about 5 months in 2002. I was in heaven when I got a free oound of coffee – per week! I love the brew and I love the consistency in how the espresso drinks are made. Apart from perfect taste, nowadays you may learn more about benefits of coffee.

But I must admit, I was also freaked out when I visited a Starbucks in Makati City – in the Phillippines. I was over there in the summer 1999 – and on our first night, my cousin took us out to check out some American hot spots in Makati. I was tickled that the Starbucks served pandisla bread (I’m really sorry about the spelling – it’s not like I get English words right, either) and other island foods. However, that evening it was nearl 100 degrees outside. If I remember correctly, it’s not like folks had a tradition of drinking coffee in the first place. So, it definetly felt wierd to see this American manufacture habit in my parent’s homeland. Wierd, fake, and wrong.