snowflakes battle sunshine…

on my walk to metro – it snowed.

not the agressive stuff you see on the news…the snow tries to blanket the cars…they try to smack me in the face….the snowflakes melt after i get on the train…

we’re left with cold sunshine

this week – my work day begins around 9….and I don’t leave the newsroom until 9pm….i shouldn’t skip dinner…i shouldn’t eat so late at night….my profs got to see the show…only minor changes…it feel like i’ve been carrying a roof on my shoulders for the last week.

i just want to go to sleep.

i feel knocked out.

someone remarked that there seem to be a lot of animosity in the class….she also said that folks are probably jealous that i’m producing the show….

maybe that’s why people are being so half-hearted about meeting deadlines….and about calling me back when i need to delete their shit of the editing machines to free up space for other stories. alpha female was busy with more “watch-me-tv” production – this time…running around the city filming her stand-ups for he resume tape. i’m amazed by her inablity to care about or see outside of the narrow box made for herself. sadly…people think she talks common sense…and don’t realize she talks because she likes the sound of her own voice.

still – the profs said the show looked good and i know that’s because everyone made an effort to find an interesting person to profile. ok…at least made an effort to find an interesting person to profile…

i’m ready to graduate.

talked to sara the other night….it felt so good to talk about love problems and disappointment without egos getting in the way. i miss her…i miss our paris nights….i miss europe. i miss being in a class with people who care about reporting and hustling for the news…instead of hustling to shoot the perfect stand-up.

i have our normandy pix taped to my workstation…..along with a lovely Colosseo pix with Mark. Those felt like magical days – hot weather, crepes at midnight, wine with every dinner, gelato that tastes like cake batter, throat-singing a few blocks from our Paris flat, mass in gothic splendor, tango in the subway, calling for interviews and being taken seriously because of my news organization, the steam of roman baths, drinking in the pub once frequented by karl marx, standing at the spot where marc anthony said “Friends, Romans, Countrymen….”, seeing if the Mona Lisa was a big deal, eating Tex-Mex cusine at the Texas Embassy, having one foot in Rome and the other in God’s town, having one foot in the eastern and western hemispheres, walking in through the first snowfall in Prague, munching on pilsner and sausages in Stare Mesto, walking on cobblestone walkways from fairytale imaginations, sipping on vin rouge from baby bottles, ordering white russians on the medill tab, touching American soil on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, making my family laugh with the pictoral adventures of Andre and Louie, confusing my producers with American lingo, front row seats to Les Miz, laughing my ass of at a comedic production on American History, being within kissing-distance of Jude Law, blogging from the airports, walking past Hemingway haunts, train rides through green English country, tea time at Ricchoux and that yummy whipping cream, coconut soup from Johin, writing postcards on my lunch hours, listening to Tupac in Prague, watching raunchy British TV late at night, having a kick-ass flat a block away from Bond Street, glam-ed up window designs for hoity-toity department stores, punting on the River Cam, kafta sandwiches, smoking hookas after fighting, spotting all the model locations for Sabrina, sipping an over-priced latte in a cafe, kir royale, outdoor markets, free music concerts in covent gardens, walking past Picadilly Square with Mark….

i miss the adventure.

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  1. mark Says:

    I miss being in Europe. DC Sucks… only two more weeks til Cali 🙂

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