Yeah…new look – by popular demand (almost everyone liked the new design) – I went ahead and updated this blog…I miss Europe.

Let’s see…Mark has a way of saying things that not only make you laugh….but his words could also make you say something…”You did not go there….”

So – we tried to get into this Cracker Barrel restaurant last Saturday night….we were in the middle of our road trip from Williamsburg to DC.

First we found unecessary traffic in the parking lot…

Steph: “Why are people waiting in line for that spot when there’s all this parking back here?”

Mark: “Because it’s too far to walk for your f-ing fat asses…”

We found out it was a 45 minute wait for a table. The general store, adjacent to the restaurant, was packed with families…..

One family of 15 tried to leave the store and decided to hang out at the entrance…we pushed by.

Random kid: “I guess we should get away from the entrance…”

Mark: “See what happens when you don’t believe in birth control? You get parties of 10-15 at the Cracker Barrel and a 45 minute to an hour wait.”

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  1. Faith Says:

    By scrolling up I can see the words. Plus, with your love of Europe it is definitely more befitting to your style. Looks good. From the only protester. LOL Faith

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