Snapping up nice moments

My baby turned one-years-old on August 8. Daisy grew up so fast! For her birthday, we got her a puppy cone from Sheridan’s – topped with some yummy vanilla custard. When we took her to day care, we dropped off some gourmet doggie cookies for her playmates. The day care folks had a birthday party for her and her playmates. We also took her jogging for the first time on Shunga Trail. She was able to run for about 1.20 miles – without getting tired. All that crazy Daisy energy! She tripped me on one of her zig zags in front of me.
I try to tell Daisy she’s now a doggie but her tail keeps wagging like a puppy. Maybe in my eyes, she’ll never grow up.

Here’s another shot of the sunrise over Lake Perry.

Our co-workers from Berkeley gave us camping equipment as wedding presents. It rocked to finally be able to use our presents this weekend. We have this huge tent by Columbia and a sleeping bag. We used the sleeping bag during our first week in our Topeka apartment. Someday, we want to take Daisy camping with us…but Mark’s worried she’ll pee in the tent.

We had ramen noodles and smoked sausages for breakfast. Now, I know a lot of folks at work, in Cali and beyond think I’m nuts for camping in a tent. I’m still new to the whole experience…and there’s something charming and rustic about setting up the tent and building a campfire, drinking beer, roasting marshmellows and gazing up at the stars. My mom introduced me to sleeping on me bedroom floor to heal my back after grueling skating sessions. So sleeping on the ground was not a painful thing for me. It felt good to sleep on the earth – something pure and centering.

And this city girl went back to her roots last night with some tasty dishes at Ole Tapas in Lawrence. We started off with an assortment of crostini. This one is topped off with white anchovies. OK – I typically don’t order anchovies…but I remember having white anchovies as a starter dish with Susan and Tom at the Blue Plate in San Francisco. When served up with olive oil – the white anchovies had a lovely smoky flavor. Not too fishy. I wasn’t disappointed with my crostini at Ole Tapas – a clean flavor, with smoky tones. Biting into the crunchy white bread and the fleshy fish became a delicious blend of textures and hearty flavors in my mouth.

We also had the house meatballs – in a creamy saffron sauce. Yummy! The meatballs were served up with some yummy herbs and paired nicely with the cream sauce.