Once more, with feeling

My body feels dazed and confused. It’s torn between wanting some shut-eye to wanting to keep moving with all the little chores leading up to our big move. I spent the day organizing stuff after producing the morning show.

Good times. The movers drop by tomorrow. Soon, we’ll end-up sleeping on the floor with our baby.

This weekend, I squeezed in one more skating session at the Expocentre.

My Jumps from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

I also taught my last Learn 2 Skate lesson. I choreographed an adorable number for my girls, set to Christina Aguilera’s Aint No Other Man.

My girls are so cute and they’re learning the fine art of sarcasm. We exchanged mailing addresses. I want to mail them some postcards from our road trip.

They said I couldn’t leave.

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  1. rdv Says:

    Nice toe jump. After so many years of absence in the ice, you still remember. Very impressive….

  2. Faith Says:

    Impressive to say the least. So, when are you going to take Lindy and Eli skating? LOL They both have their own ice skates too. Although your brother was adament that Brady have “hockey skates” and not figure skates. 🙂

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