A Driving Nightmare in Slow Motion

Blogging from a Burger King in Salt Lake City. I usually avoid fast food joints…but I make exception for those carrying free wifi. The coffee’s not bad…after adding 5 packages of Coffeemate creamer.

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We said good-bye to downtown Laramie yesterday morning. We were happy we pushed passed Cheyenne after we heard the city saw a few feet of snow dump down overnight.

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We had sunny skies at the beginning of Day 2. But our westbound lanes on I-80 led into this large white band of clouds. I figured we could handle whatever Mother Nature could throw at us as long as we had sunny skies. Then the sun disappeared.

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Daisy likes to think she’s Mark’s co-pilot. She’s the cutest backseat passenger, ever.

Mark ended-up taking care of all the driving today. The icy roads forced him to crawl across the Interstate at 25 MPH or slower. Some parts of I80 were covered with brown slippery slush. Mark was an amazing and patient driver. I offered to help him out but he thought that was a bad idea. He said something like: “I love you but I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He also drove with hazard lights on and aimed for the thin dry strips of road in the left-hand lanes.

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Eventually, the roads got better and Mark was able to bump up his speed to 40 MPH.

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Mark delivered us to Salt Lake City, safe and sound. We did dinner at the Red Iguana on North Temple Ave. I ordered a tasty mojito made with Barcadi Rum.
Hopefully we’ll have clear skies and dry roads for the third day of our Road Trip.

2 thoughts on “A Driving Nightmare in Slow Motion

  1. RDV

    This is my favorite picture of Daisy, calm,composed, determined, and secured,………… regardless of the road conditions you had at Wyoming. She knows her master M would be able to handle whatever…..

    I’m glad you guys are alright.

    We ‘re waiting for you at the sunshine state.

  2. Faith

    You guys should be almost here by now. I am glad you are safely almost to California. As far as the sunshine state goes, there has not been a lot of sun in the past few days. You guys will be about a six hour drive north. The children are so use to it after all the trips to and from Berkeley that it should be fun. When are you guys heading to Southern Cali?

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