Monthly Archives: February 2008

Valentine Dinners

I’m spending my weekend catching up on my blogs. So, I’m going through this month and trying to expand on some memorable meals.

This year, we spread out our Valentine’s Celebration over three days. We started in Lodi with a decadent tour of the wineries. The next day, we celebrated the romantic holiday at Ella in Downtown Sacramento. My co-worker recommended the spot for special occasion dining and other metrobloggers posted decent reviews.
Overall, Ella was a sophisticated culinary experience. We followed the informed suggestions from our server and savored the delicious servings of fresh shellfish, veggies, meat and more.

Dining Out for Valentine’s, originally uploaded by queenkv.

I enjoyed the duck and duck risotto. The chef served it medium-rare and that brought out the complex, fleshy tones. I loved the combination of those flavors with the crispy duck skin. We also started-off dinner with a half-dozen raw oysters from the East Coast. Our appetizers were served with the traditional marinara sauce plus a champagne vinegar mignonette.

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In the Dark

COVINA, CA — I’m up before dawn and browsing my Google Reader goodies. I enjoyed my quick weekend trip to So Cal. I ate too much good food and it was lovely to hang out with my family.

My nephew and niece are getting taller and sparkling with personality. My dad’s now a pro at making paella. I loved my Ninong’s chicken adobo. I’m still trying to figure out his balance of soy sauce, vinegar and other spices. And my cousin has an adorable, human-friendly puppy, Kai.
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