Sometimes people’s dysfunctions end up on live TV. A NYC Anchor gets into a verbal tussle with his live reporter and it’s all caught on tape. Andrea e-mailed this link out to the live shot on glumber. I also watched a clip on the Soup earlier this week.

There were points during the anchor/reporter Q/A when I started feeling uncomfortable watching the exchange…It’s like walking into a closed door meeting. Or something.

Anchor vs Reporter


  1. Jade Park Says:

    WOWeeee! That was painful to watch. I can only imagine the conversation afterwards, off air. If they can go at each other on air like that, what do they say in private?

  2. Queenkv Says:

    It’s like they forgot they were on live TV when they got into that last verbal tussle. Maybe they were both having a bad day.

  3. jediwes Says:

    that was FUNNY! Nothing is entertaining like unscripted live awkwardness .. I wonder if they got called into their boss’s office afterwards for a ‘wtf was that?’ dressing-down.

    Also, b/c I’m too lazy to leave two comments … that top ten list kinda sucked. But that’s typical for Letterman.

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