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Before St. Patrick’s

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Chilling in Sonoma. It’s the calm before the holiday storm.

Still Awake

It’s been a rough week inside the newsroom. Rehersals for new computers, graphics and other goodies…
Live reports from Georgia work flawlessly. And then another live interview from the other side of town is thwarted by a missing coordinate and a broken cable. C’est la frickin’ vie.

Vacaville Afternoon from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

That could happen to me in any market. Regardless of the crazy times I deal with inside my newsroom, it helps to know I can leave it all behind. I walk outside and I can enjoy a beautiful, sunny afternoon in a California suburb.

Bagel Break

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Eating a jalapeño and tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese in Midtown. Yesterday, I had to head back to work for another meeting. This was after feeling pooped from producing the 5 AM show.

Feeding the Soul

I’m waking up with aches and pains from our snowboarding weekend in Tahoe. I will post video, pix and thoughts about our snow adventures later.

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A couple of weekends ago, we went to mass at St. Ignatius in the City by the Bay. It’s a beautiful Jesuit church next to the University of San Francisco.

I Love This View

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A beautiful ride on the Heavenly gondola. I love the option of playing in the snow without living in frigid temps.

Movin’ Up

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My parents are heading up with us to the Heavenly Slopes

Jogging in the Sierra

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I loved jogging by Lake Tahoe. It’s going to be a beautiful day for snowboarding

Happy Daylight Savings

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I wanted to keep hitting the snooze button. Who would want to leave this position? Still, I had to get to work and beat the time change.

Hello Sunrise

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Watching the sunrise over the Yolo Causeway. Finished dropping Daisy off at camp in Elk Grove

Back to Home Cooking

I try to find new recipes to try out on my weekends. I’m thrilled with the huge kitchen space in our Vacaville home. There’s plenty of room to spread out my herbs, veggies, meat and cutting areas. Sometimes I have my PowerBook open to a tasty online recipe. When I’m prepping meals, sometimes I stare out at the backyard and watch my Daisy defend the house against blue jays, squirrels and pedestrians.

After almost a decade of cooking, I still feel like a novice in the kitchen. I think that’s cool because I’ll always find something new and challenging to tickle my taste buds. My love of culinary adventures goes back to my family. I’m happy we had a chance to return to some good home cooking for the P-Day Weekend.

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I loved my dad’s home cooking: fish, laarb, fried rice and more. He’s the first one to teach me how to cook. During my 2nd year at Cal, he showed me how to make chicken adobo in the our tiny dorm kitchen. Little by little, I got more daring in the kitchen. Sometimes I had misses when it came to my cooking. Other times, one bite showed me that it was all worth the time and prep invested in the dish.