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Pushing Myself

I clocked another 3 miles of running by Alamo Creek this morning. I needed the cardio after my deep-fried eating fest in Stockton this weekend.

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Last week, I landed my axel at Vacaville Ice Sports. I felt like a rock star. I also feel like I’ve made so much progress since I first stepped on the ice in Topeka. When I was competing, this jump was my Achilles’ heel. It messed with my head and it took me forever to master it. About three years, I think. But it also serves as the basically building block for more difficult jumps. After landing the damn thing, I was able to move on to those jumps and more.

My Axel from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

I think I’ll managed to get all my double jumps back after this. I’m super happy with last weekend’s sharpening job on my blades. I thought it was worth the 1 1/2 drive to Novato. (yes, Mark drove…but that’s not the point!)

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Filipino Food in Vacaville

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I finally tried the food at the FS Oriental Store on Nut Tree Rd. I ordered the two combo special with Chicken Adobo and Dinuguan. It wasn’t bad for a hearty lunch. But I like my Dinuguan with a spicy kick. This serving (on the left) was a little bland. So was the adobo. Still, if I’m lazy and I need to satisfy that meaty craving, I suppose I’d come back for seconds.

Two Bad Waiters

This week – I stumbled on this funny food video on Serious Eats: ‘Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food’
The skit is from the Dana Carvey Show and it features my two favorite funny men on TV: Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell.

They’re outrageous without being ridiculous. I love checking out old school video with these comedians. It’s interesting to compare their comedy origins to their current stints on NBC and Comedy Central.

More Flavors from Wine Country

Today, I went for a short run before my skating session. The last few weeks, I’ve been treating these sessions like a workout: rolling out of the house without warming up or stretching. Running about 1.25 miles helped me get more into athlete mode when I stepped on the ice this morning.

And yesterday, I ran 3 miles by Alamo Creek. That was my first time hitting 3 miles and it felt good. Doctors, nurses, older people and anyone with an opinion like to remind me that things tend to go downhill with a woman’s body when she hits her 30’s. I figure running, yoga and skating will help me battle that downhill trend. Besides, it all keeps me sane with my graveyard shift.

Mussels, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Plus — I need that exercise because I like to eat food like this. One weekend in Sonoma, we did lunch at the Bistro. We were the last lunch customers seated before the restaurant closed for its afternoon break. It was small, intimate spot with tasty food. I seared my tongue on the spicy tomato broth over these mussels. The shellfish tasted fresh and plump. I finished the broth with my bread and spoon.

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