Lucky Birthday

Today, we wished Daisy a Happy Birthday! We sang to her and gave her a few slices of some birthday salami. Since she has a lucky b-day (8.8.08), we should probably buy some lottery tickets. We could use her dog tags to scratch off the numbers. Good times.

Today, she turns 3-years-old. That translates (roughly) to 28-years-old in human years.

But she’s still always be our cute puppy. I don’t think she knows how to act older. Sure, she has a mean streak, but that’s only because she wants to protect us. Other humans say she’s quite mellow at Camp and the Salon after we drop her off.

Toad Hollow, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Last weekend, we hanged out at the Toad Hollow Dog Park in Davis. It’s huge and sometimes, Daisy loses track of her humans. Her face lights up when she figures out where I’m standing in the park.

Making Friends, originally uploaded by queenkv.

Daisy’s slowly making friends. She still doesn’t like other doggies to sniff her butt, but then again, it’s quite a pushy thing to do. Especially on first sniffs. She started growling at this hefty boxer when he tried to cuddle closer to her. Crazy dog.

Daisy has been a blessing for my graveyard shifts. On my weekend, she’s my sounding board, my jogging partner and my TV watching buddy. The puppy was happy to see Jennifer kicked off Project Runway. Heck, the dog can’t help being bored by the matronly dresses from the Syracuse designer.

This week, we ran about 1.5 miles on the bike trail near Alamo Creek. Daisy’s learning to pace herself at the beginning, unless there’s a squirrel running up a tree. She has this blissful look on her face as she’s trotting by my side.

For me, I let go of all the negative vibes from work when I’m running on the trail. As always, work is hard. It’s exciting work, but it’s also stressful and demanding. I’m doing my best to avoid any screw-ups.

So on my weekends, I run. With my heart pounding and my brow dripping with sweat, I feel like I can take on the world again.