Up High! Down Low!

I heart the Office!
I dig what Angela Kinsey said about her gig at Dundler-Mifflin. She’s happy and grateful to be working as an actress.

I can only imagine how much work Kinsey and company put into this sharp, witty show. Long hours, multiple takes and a lot of time spent away from family and friends while in production.

As for myself, I’m also tickled to be working in TV news. It’s a stressful and demanding industry. At times, the work drives me crazy. Plus, I’m jealous that Daisy gets to fall asleep and wake-up with my hubby on more days of the week.

I’m also thankful that I’m making money in a career that I’ve dreamed about since I was in sixth grade. Every day is different. I wake up before dawn and I look forward to the challenge of breaking news, live shots, bizarre circumstances and anything else that’s thrown at me inside the newsroom.

Angela’s right – it’s better than answering phones for a 9-5 shift in a job I don’t care about.