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Just in Time

This weekend, the hubby and I thought about what we’d like to make for our Christmas meal. We also tried to figure out how Daisy could help…beyond cleaning up the food scraps on the floor. Tricky puppy!

Maybe I’ll try my hand at making lumpia. How hard can it be?

I wish I could spend this holiday with our families in Buffalo (it’s cold there) and in LA (it’s kind wet down there). However, somebody has to produce the 4:30 AM show on Christmas morning. I’m sure somebody will be up and watching, right?

Maybe we can go home for Christmas, next year. Besides, I managed to get time off for Thanksgiving. I’m happy for that blessing.

So for people who can’t go home for the holidays, there’s always the Balikbayan Box. My buddy on Facebook sent me this Happy Slip video. When I was younger, I remember my parents packing these big boxes with groceries, clothing and toys and sending them off with a family member flying back to Manila.

In this big box for Christmas
my family sent to me
Leftover soy sauce packets
Quaker oatmeal
Lots of chips
Dont forget sardines
And toys from happy meals

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