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Au Revoir Janvier

End of the month.
January went by fast. I could barely hang on to her coattails.

Posing in My Threadless Tee.

I spent the month getting used to my new show and my new schedule. I also enjoyed my new weekends with my hubby and friends. This is a shot over Donner Lake, just off I-80. A few weekends ago, we spent a lovely Saturday in Truckee with my Medill buddy Sara.

Thank heavens for weekends because January was a hard month.

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My First Batch of Lumpia

I’m quite happy with this batch of lumpia: ground beef, celery and carrots. I used soy sauce, crushed garlic and rice vinegar for the dipping sauce.

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Making Lumpia

I’m using Azumaya wrappers for this lumpia. My mom walked me thru what goes into the filling. After rolling up the lumpia, it’s frying time!

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Cheers to the POTUS!

Mumm Brut Sparkling Wine from Napa at BJ’s. We made a toast to the new President. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

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President Obama

I co-produced our live coverage of the Inauguration. I gave cues to our photogs at the watch parties, letting them know we’re taking their live pictures of locals watching the ceremony in D.C. Lots of tears and cheers from our watch parties.

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Fun and Games on the Court

34 to 26 Globetrotters. Skyscraper, Big Easy and larger than life players on the court. Loved it when one player jumped over the ref for his slam dunk.

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Section 203 Inside Arco Arena

Inside Arco Arena. Fun game and some amazing ball tricks. Plus, some freaky moves by the Globetrotters.

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Globetrotters at Arco Arena

Feeling kinda sorry for the Washington Generals. Still, the Globetrotters are rockin’ that ball! Also, do they dribble? I’m seeing spinning and all sorts of tricks. But hardly any dribbling.

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So Happy at Peju

We love Peju. I loved the 2003 Syrah. Plus, we had a blast chatting with the worker at the bar, learning about the grapes and salsa dancing in the Mission.

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Domaine Chandon: Good Wine Shitty Service

Enjoyed the beautiful setting for wine tasting. I was impressed by the Pinot Meunieros. Also disappointed by the lack of service. The servers ignored us between glasses and they didn’t care about sharing any information about the vintages.

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