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What a wonderful way to end my Tuesday! I love it when my hubby telecommutes. Daisy loves having us both at home. I’d join them, but somebody had to document the cuteness.

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A Few More Sundays

We have a few more Sundays left in the Lenten Season. Last weekend, we went to mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento. It’s a beautiful place to worship. Mark once said this Cathedral is what the inside of Westiminister would look like once it’s finished. I think that London Cathedral was waiting on donations for its wall and window art.

Lent 2009

For Lent, I’m wearing my cross with an amber gem from Mexico and my medallion from Norte Dame. I wear it under my shirt. If I have something on that’s a little low-cut, I simply wear the Norte Dame medallion. Both are blessed. Both remind me of finding strength in prayer and in myself.

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From my weekends of Good-byes.

Via Twitter, my Medill buddy made it home! She survived her cross-country road trip.

I am in awe anyone who’s willing to hit the highways on her own. As for myself, I’m a wuss. I need my hubby for my own road trips – from Chicago, Topeka and then back to Cali.

Snapping Away
On Sara’s last night in San Francisco, she introduced us to Yummy Yummy on Irving Street. It’s a damn tasty place for Vietnamese food. Outside, a flock of foodies were willing to wait in chilly weather for a table.

My crab adventures left a greasy mess on my hands.

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I was tickled to see these green shoots in our front yard. I planted the sunflower seeds about 2 weeks ago. I’m happy I haven’t killed them. I hope to see a little Kansas in our yard soon.

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Stop Leaving Me!

On Saturday night, Mark pointed out we had a lot of good-byes. In San Francisco, we said “Bon Voyage” to my Medill for her cross-country road trip home. We also watched the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica. The series finale answered all questions except for one: “Will there be another war between the humans and cylons?”

On Sunday, the Parkway closed its doors for good.

My hubby and I had our first movie date there. Scary Movie 2. I know, quality cinema. Beyond my love life, I feel like this theater played a big part in my coming of age in the Bay Area. It was one of the first places I enjoyed ordering beer and chilling with my friends. It was a lovely place to hang out without trying to scream at each other over loud dance music and strobing lights.

The Parkway made being an adult fun.

FAREWELL PARKWAY – 2009 @ Yahoo! Video

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Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mints, Samoas, Girl Scout Cookies.

Over the weekend, I saw Girl Scout Troops making their final push for cookie sales. Under gray skies, they haunted Vacaville gas stations. They made another stand outside of the Fed Ex Store. I heard their squeaky sales pitches at street corners around Vacaville.

[From From]

Rock on Girl Scouts. Good luck in trying to make a profit in the middle of a Recession.

Of course, smart Troop members know how to tap into a returning customer base, like their parents’ co-workers.

After working my Vampire shift and forgetting about lunch, those bright colored boxes of Do-Si-Dos and Shortbreads always look like a good idea to me.

What Girl Scout Cookies did you stock up on this year?

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Award-Winning Forecasts

So, I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV. Our DVR’s set to record my shows. I use Hulu to catch-up with other programs that conflict with the DVR schedule.


Then there are the video podcasts from the Soup. In about a 1-minute podcast, Joe McHale gives me everything I need to know about viral videos, reality TV, talk shows and other outrageous TV moments.

Of course this clip hit all the right spots on my funny bone. Here, the Soup honors “Outstanding Achievement in Not Broadcasting the Weather While in Front of a Weather Map.”

Good times.

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Lose Yourself In The Digits

My hubby and dad will probably be tickled by this concept.

It’s Pi Day. Happy 3.1415926535…

[From Slashdot]

I know this YouTube music video will hit all the good stuff for my math-minded peeps.

How far can you go with Pi? And don’t Google it!

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Another Stewart Smackdown

Once again, the Daily Show proves it’s not taking BS from anybody or any network.

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show

Business news – still grim on all fronts – from the mortgage meltdown to the auto industry bailout. But at least the Daily Show finds a way to make us think and laugh about the situation, with timely soundbites and factoids.

“If I’d only followed CNBC’s advice, I’d have a million dollars today… Provided I’d started with $100 million.” – Jon Stewart

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Gourmet Flavors on Valentine’s Day

We did the Wine and Chocolate Festival last month in Lodi. This is becoming a tasty Valentine’s Day tradition!

Wine and Art
We stumbled on some new wines, art and of course, yummy bites of food. At the Vino Piazza, the wine server let me go behind the wine bar to get a closer look at these sketches from Dumbo. He said the animator was a big fan of Lodi wines.

This is a look at the drive into Lodi’s Wine Country on Highway 12.

Valentine’s Day in Wine Country from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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