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On the Hornblower

This is a beautiful way to celebrate Springtime in Cali. On Easter Sunday, we toured the San Francisco Bay on the Hornblower.

Flying By Our Side
I love this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. The winds blew fierce as we sailed underneath it. I thought it was totally worth braving the chilly gusts to see the underbelly of the bridge.

Why Am I The Short One?
I wish I found a box or a chair to boost myself up in this 4-shot. Why do I have to be the short one in these pictures? Still, it always a pleasure to enjoy any beautiful day on the San Francisco Bay with Susan and Tom.

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Good Times at the Asparagus Festival

Washing down the deep-fried asapragus with an Aspara-Rita. Yes, it has tequila and pureed green spears. One lady said it’s like drinking your veggies.

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More Playing Around

I’ve read about the snow on the Grapevine. On our LA road trip in February, it was the first time I saw snow on this stretch of I-5. Crazy.
So Cal has seasons.
Snow on the Grapevine

Another crazy thing – watching family play Nintendo Wii. On this visit – my hubby and cousin faced off on crazy racing contests for “Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party.”

Working the Wii from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Good times!

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I Want to Play Video Games for a Living!

Funny, in Kansas – I played Nintendo Wii when it came out. Fally had some rockin’ game nights at her house in Lawrence. Wario Bros ruled!

Here in Cali, we kicked it old school with an Atari Game Night at the Davis Public Library.

Game Night

Bring on the 8-Bit Gaming Good Times! It was so cool to see gaming fans, young and old, play the OG versions of Frogger, Mario Bros and Centipede. I’m thankful I got to use the “roller” controller for Centipede. The joystick was hell on shooting down the roaming bugs!

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Silly Good. Per one of the most legendary wine makers here. Cheers!

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Hello Mother Nature

Our veggie garden’s growing strong. I think the last round of rainy weather helped all of my plants.

Grow Garden Grow!

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Sword Play

For my Medill buddy in Atlanta.

She told me about her fencing adventures. I wonder if this TV version is any good. It’s the same way I watch skating used as a plot device or location. The OG 90201 tried to show Brandon hooking up with a “figure skater”. She trained at the Culver City ice rink. It was a terrible episode.

Unlike the petty lives and stories of 90201….the Dollhouse Rocks.

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I Like Coffee

Just in case that Haas job doesn’t work out….

It’s an old joke between my hubby and me. It goes back to our first months of dating. At that time, I was also on my first months at Haas. UC Berkeley classified me as being “on probation.” That joke came up anytime I felt insecure with my job (aka stupid and I don’t know what I’m doing). One of us would point out some random job, like working at a cafe, and say: “In case that Haas job doesn’t work out….”

Fancy Latte
This is a fancy latte by the 2nd Best Barista in the World. A few weeks ago, I was brewing up espresso drinks next to barista champ, Heather Perry. She was on a “Got Milk” tour of the state and we interviewed her for our morning show.

She also brought cookies.

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Just Kidding

If you haven’t figured it out already…I was poking fun at myself for April 1. But feel free to check out my “resume” tape…

For those of you who clicked on the link, THANKS! You made my day!

Inside the Booth
As for my career, I’m happy to be right here.

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I Want to be a Reporter!

OK, I’m ready for a change.

I’ve had fun being a TV news producer and now I want a new challenge. Back in Chicago, I filed reports for the Northwestern News Network.
Reporting from the Chicago River
I enjoyed being a reporter – writing, shooting and editing my own stories. Rock on.

Let’s see if I can do it again! Check out my resume tape.

What do you think?

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