Hello Mother Nature

Our veggie garden’s growing strong. I think the last round of rainy weather helped all of my plants.

Grow Garden Grow!

Check out all the green leaves. I have three sunflowers standing up. There’s also green vines growing from my white potato seedlings. It’s quite exciting and satisfying to hang out in the garden and observe all the changes.
More Sprouts!

I love how the First Lady’s helping DC kids learn about the wonders of gardening with the White House Lawn.

Starting Young
The California Academy of Sciences is also helping kids explore the natural world.

We visited the Academy on the President’s Day Weekend. I loved seeing the changes from the multi-million dollar makeover. However, the museum was also very, very crowded.

Our meteorologist takes his family to the Academy during the week. He says they have the place to themselves. On a weekend, the place is packed to capacity: 5,000 people. That adds up to an hour+ wait on the popular exhibits, from the Morrison Planetarium to the Rainforest. I guess that’s why I have so many pictures of the Steinhart Aquarium. No wait.

Still, we enjoyed exploring the other exhibits. I also liked watching kids discover the different dimensions of Science.

Someday, I’ll have some little KVP’s running around. Maybe some little Mark’s as well. Come to think of it, I think I’m better of with baby boys versus baby girls. Little girls can be trouble. I should know.

Ask my parents.