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Before the Label

Barrel tasting the USB Zin Port from Peltier Station. Sweet and full of potential. Tasting amazing stuff at Zinfest. By the way, have you voted?

Food at Zinfest

Need some food to soak up all the wine. Loved the chicken pita from Papavols. Hearty flavors paired with cucumber sauce.

Tasting Langetwins at Zinfest

Pouring a barrel version of the 2007 Zin. They don’t have a label for this one yet. Quite amazing: smooth and velvety on my palate.

Tasting Talus at Zinfest

Loving the 2007 Zin from Talus. I first tried this award winning winery at the Harris Ranch off I-5. They make a fab Pinot Noir.

Swirling It In My Mouth

In case you don’t know, I love wine.

I love how it tastes, smells and feels. I also love the wine culture – from the vineyards to the barrels. Today, we’re heading to Lodi for Zinfest. It’s an incredible wine tasting experience by Lodi Lake.

Last month, I tweeted away for Twitter Taste Live. Wine lovers tweeted their pictures and tasting notes from ESTATE in Sonoma. I also met one of the legends in the Cali wine industry, Randall Grahm. I helped the Bonny Doon winemaker tweet his tasting notes. He introduced me to a 2005 Bonny Doon Syrah. He’s verdict: “Silly Good.”

This is one of the reasons why I think I’d be perfect for the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent position.

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