Have Meat? Will Grill!

Meet the Baconator on Twitpic What happens when you combine 2-pounds of bacon, chorizo sausage, spicy Italian sausage and a new grill? A Bacon Explosion! I found out about this amazing culinary invention from an anchor I worked with in Topeka. She’s now reporting at one of the best stations in Kansas City. I’m also amazed people were willing to grill in the middle of a Midwest winter. Brr…

“It makes you feel a little dirty…but it’s good,” from a KC bacon fan.

He’s right.

After Zinfest, we fired up our new grill for the first time. I guess we skipped the birthday cake for my hubby and went with an epic bacon entree. (Mark turned 33!!!!! Happy B-day to my hubby!!!!). Scott and Tom helped us figure out the grill. We also fired up some hot dogs and buns. We had a fab feast on the patio.