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Sacramento Love

A few blogs ago, I talked about juggling chainsaws inside the newsroom. A writing consultant said that is what a producer takes care of when she’s getting ready for hew news show. She’s juggling live reports on stories that are being updated in the field and over the news wires. She’s also coordinating new video from reporters, new scripts for her anchors and new information from the assignment desk. Those are her chainsaws. It looks damn cool on TV when she can hit those elements during a live broadcast. Each one also has the potential of causing some major damage to the show if the producer screws them up.

Good times.

Now, I’m exploring a new career opportunity with A Really Goode Job. I’m looking forward to writing/blogging/shooting stories about the wine country experience in Sonoma County.

A flight of red wine

Check out this video reference from Ann Osterberg in Sacramento. We both work at the NBC station. In addition to working in the news business, we also enjoy wine, food and entertaining conversations.

Ann’s Pick For A Really Goode Job from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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The Heat Is On

I love our grill! June has been a great month to toss meat, seafood and veggies over the flames.

Grilling Seafood and Meat

I love the communal nature of grilling. As a married couple, we share prep duties in the kitchen. Together, we brainstorm herb and spice rubs for our proteins and vegetables. Over the weekend, I used salt, pepper and Spice Islands’ Chipotle Chile Seasoning on our shrimp kabobs.

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Why I’d Rock My Dream Job

Over the weekend, I sent in my resume for Murphy-Goode’sWine Country Lifestyle Correspondent position.


So, you’ve seen why I think I’d rock this dream job.

Now, I want to share some of my professional and personal references for this job in Sonoma County.
This is from Andrea James in Seattle, Washington. We graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

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Nice Girls Finish In The Top 50!


I’m one of the top 50 job candidates for Murphy-Goode’s Really Goode Job! Yaaaah!

Top 50!

Thank you for checking out my video and for your votes.

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Father’s Day in Covina

My dad loves cooking. So we let him have his way in the kitchen. We had a tomato egg scramble with Filipino sausages and rice.

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Mountain of Rings

Fried onion rings and beer. The perfect combo at the Yardhouse in Riverside.

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Black Velvet

Wyderls Pear Cider and Guinness Stout. It’s totally a hearty step up from the Snakebite. Yum! Meeting Andrei’s Riverside crew. Good times.

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Inside the Beanery

I love the kitschy art hanging inside the ladies room. Last night, we managed to get our food orders in before they closed the kitchen.

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Need To Eat

A Kobe burger and fries in Old Town Pasadena. Hearty goodness after the cocktails.

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BBQ on a Road Trip

We found a gas station/rest stop about 8 miles away from the Avenal State Prison. This was a Mexican-style trip-tip with rice & beans. The hearty meat hit the spot after driving on I-5 for a few hours.

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