Had To Get Away

TONAWANDA, NY — Listening to Baby Grand, a Sacramento-based indie/twee pop band and chilling at Panera.

Today, I ran 4.17 miles in Lockport. It feels good to keep up with my 10K training on this vacation…especially with all the eating we’re doing.

Last night, we toasted marshmallows at a bonfire and made s’mores.

I could barely handle the heat from the gas-fueled flames. Still, I thought it was all worth it. I loved biting into melted marshmallows on blocks of Hershey chocolate and graham crackers. Then we looked for falling stars while I sipped a bottle of Molson’s Triple X.

I also used my new passport at the Canadian border. We crossed the border with Mark’s best friend/best man, Kaine, and his wife, Missy. We spent a lazy Monday afternoon sampling the wine region in Niagara-by-the-Lake.

Strauss White
Our bartender at the Irish Harp said we had to try the Strauss White if we were red wine fans. She said we’d have a change of a heart and become white wine fans after sampling this bottle. It’s a fine white wine, but I didn’t move mountains for me. Bring on the Pinots and Zins.

Pork BBQ
Home cooking is also a highlight for our vacation. My mother-in-law whipped up this hearty dinner of BBQ pork, peas, coleslaw and macaroni salad. She used a sweet glaze on the meat and I went back for seconds. It paired nicely with the cold pasta and steamed peas. Yummy!

So – s’mores, wine and BBQ. I guess I need to fit in another run this week. Or else, I’m going look like a blimp by the time I get back to Cali.