Game Day on Tightwad Hill

Viva la Game Day!
Cal’s ranked #6 in the nation. Plus – it has an undefeated record going into today’s match up against Oregon.

Go Bears!

For the first home game of the season, we decided to try out the free seats on Tightwad Hill. Inside Memorial Stadium – all you can get are overpriced food, soda and souvenirs. Plus – there’s no alcohol sales. Argh.

On the Hill, it’s BYOB and bring your own food. As long as it’s not raining, you have a decent view of the game and you’re sitting next to the cannon. I thought it was thrilling to sit next to the cannon’s explosion for every touchdown.

This Hill makes you work for these free seats. It’s a steep hike and I lost my footing every couple of steps. We’re also hauling up our drinks and snacks on this hike. So, it helps to be in shape before you tackle the Hill. However, free seats is enough motivation to spur on anybody: families, homeless people, students and alumni.

Tightwad alums end up setting up a beachhead by the 50-yard line about a couple of hours before Game Time. Maybe we’ll try that next time. The Hill has a friendly community. People watch out for each other: from the kids running around in the dirt to the bum offering up hits on his joint and sharing memories of the Pinay he married decades ago. We shared a stump with another Cal alum. He hung his cooler on a tree limb for easy access to his Coors and pretzels. At night, he shined his flashlight along the dirt paths to help people climb up and climb down.

Mark bought a box of Three Thieves Bandit Cabernet Sauvignon. He couldn’t stop raving about it. He spent less than $10 for this huge box of wine and it was comparable to the bottled versions. I thought it tasted good as well.

Sipping red wine on Tightwad Hill. Sitting on a tree stump and watching Cal smack down Maryland.

Life is good.
Good luck Bears on today’s game!

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