Inside My Kitchen

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart.
Since I’m freelancing, between jobs and spending plenty of time at home, I’m challenging myself in the kitchen.

Cod en Papillote
Thanks to Serious Eats, I tried out this French technique with fish: Cod en Papillote. The foil helped cook the cod fillets perfectly. Unfortunately, I used salted butter. That, plus a generous pinch of salt made this dish too salty for my palate.

Gordon Ramsay’s F-word inspired me to do eggs for dinner.
Goat Cheese and Peas Omelett
It took me about ten minutes to finish this Goat Cheese and Peas Omelette. It all came down to timing. My peas ended up a little burnt because I waited too long to add the basil leaves and eggs. Still – the goat cheese, bacon and basil paired nicely for this hearty dinner.

I’m getting a jump start on Spring and I’m working on my green thumb inside my kitchen.
Chia Herb Garden
My hubby gave me a Chia Herb Garden for Christmas. I planted Cilantro, Sweet Basil and Chives. Per the instructions, I left the pots on top of the fridge and away from drafts.

Germinating Sweet Basil
Today – I saw the first signs of germination from my Sweet Basil seeds. Woot!