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Beyond the Funnies

One of my favorite pooches from the comic section will soon be on the Silver Screen.

I was always tickled to see what kind of trouble Marmaduke got tangled in.
Big and Clumsy

Over the weekend, I stumbled on this trailer thanks to Popvine:

RT @Popvine: First Look At Marmaduke: Aw! An all-new low for Owen Wilson! If you don’t know who Marmaduke is, go ask your par…

I’ll probably watch some of this film, once it makes it to cable TV.

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One Dog Left Behind

Poor puppy!
Left Behind
I wonder if anybody noticed this little guy missing after visiting the Arboretum at U.C. Davis. I imagine his human buddy discovered his disappearance as soon as his parents buckled his seat belt for the ride home.

We wanted to visit the Arboretum after watching some of Huell Howser’s Road Trip on PBS. After I finished griping about Howser’s atrocious mic skills (seriously – it drove my nuts to hear such shoddy audio work on a supposedly professional program), we were delighted by the lush vegetation in this campus oasis.

We had to see it for ourselves.

On one of the last weekends of winter, we checked out the Arboretum. It was balmy afternoon and I snapped away at signs of Spring. Bright blossoms opened up their petals next to other sleeping plants. Students and families took advantage of the warm weather for picnics and outdoor study sessions.

I can’t wait to come back when everything is blooming 🙂

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New Roots

Last weekend, I played in the dirt with my hubby.
I ripped out weeds and dead stems left behind from our first garden in Cow Town. Next, we added new soil and mapped out spots for our new plants.

Adding New Dirt
Before dawn, I spent a few hours researching what plants work for our garden space. Last year, the potato plants played Prima Donnas. Basically, the potato vines took over most of the space. I suspect that’s what killed off the chives and green bean plants. Another rock star in my garden: Roma Grape Tomatoes. I remember picking some for my parents. As I showed off our backyard, we sampled the fresh vegetable off the vine.

For this year, I wanted more structure for our garden instead of using a strategy of “Anything Goes.” I wanted to give plants a fighting chance.

Here’s what we planted for 2010:

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And that was a challenge for my Daisy. She knows sitting is her way of saying so many things.

“Yes.” “Please.” “More kibble.” “More wine.” “Throw my Toy.”

It took her three tries to squat into a sitting position and it looked uncomfortable. Daisy still had enough vim to chase squirrels and ghosts in the backyard. But she also had trouble jumping on to the couch (she loves doing that) and she took more naps.

Time to take her to the vet.

Daisy’s doctor took some X-rays and showed us why she would never be serious contender for “Best-in-Show.” The black-and-white images shows one leg bone is shorter than the other. We finally have proof that she runs with a permanent limp. I suppose she would fit in with any hip hop/rap video with her gimpy stride. Just call her a playa. She’ll answer if you call for her in a high-pitched voice.

So – we think she may have strained something when it came to chasing critters on the trail. Daisy’s doctor gave us some herbal pills for her leg/bum pain. He also said she needed a break from running and walking. She hated it when I left her behind for my walk/run along Alamo Creek, but she needed the rest.

Toad Hollow

After the pills, Daisy’s jumping back on the couch and bed with no problems. She’s also sitting again.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to take her on a walk to celebrate the weekend of Spring.

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NSFW: Filling The Wheel

Good Grief – the Onion skewers my industry and it’s brilliant. Like all Onion videos – this one is not safe for work!

Happening Somewhere

Sometimes it feels like I’m pulling teeth to fill that so-called “wheel” of news: scrambling for video, nuggets of information and the words to sum it all up.

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

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New Pets

Dreaming about hot dogs, sausages and other carnivore cravings in the middle of Lent.
Now – the meat is alive!

Banksy's Animatronic Pet Store

I stumbled on this weird and charming video via Digg.

I love the final shot of the hot dog sipping water.

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Game Night

Hot Games
One of my favorite memories from my skating days: listening to the Zamboni crunch ice and rolling the ball over my initials on Centipede. I felt like kicking some butt on the ice after I see “KIS” next to the highest score on the screen.

Guarding my blocky shooter and firing at the slithering centipede was one way I stayed warm between freestyle sessions.


I suppose I’m a child of the 80s. Last year, we had a blast at the Atari Game Night in Davis.

Now – I’m counting down to December and the opening weekend of Tron: Legacy.

I am totally excited about this remake. The trailer looks amazing. I’m also crossing my fingers. I hope it doesn’t destroy all the things that made the original movie awesome.

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So San Francisco

Imagine raising $75,000 to save this whimsical landmark.
Only in San Francisco.

Brian Goggin’s "Defenestration", originally uploaded by threecee.

I stumbled on the Brian Goggin’s Defenestration project over on Laughing Squid.

ABC 7 also covered Goggin’s fundraising party. I enjoyed the soundbite with the lady who wanted to save the toaster. Seeing the toaster hanging on a wall cheers her up daily.

I’m sure this appliance and its crew of hanging furniture, tools and gadgets would make anybody smile.

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Adventures in Married Life

Hubby’s working at home. Yah! It’s a pleasure to see him after my graveyard shift. After I finished up an episode of Bleach, I stumble into his room.

Me: “I’m ready for a hug….this could be exciting”

I let myself slump into his arms, basking in his strength and comfort.

Him: “Felt like you were about to fall over.”
Me: “I know. That was the exciting part.”

So sleepy.

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