New Roots

Last weekend, I played in the dirt with my hubby.
I ripped out weeds and dead stems left behind from our first garden in Cow Town. Next, we added new soil and mapped out spots for our new plants.

Adding New Dirt
Before dawn, I spent a few hours researching what plants work for our garden space. Last year, the potato plants played Prima Donnas. Basically, the potato vines took over most of the space. I suspect that’s what killed off the chives and green bean plants. Another rock star in my garden: Roma Grape Tomatoes. I remember picking some for my parents. As I showed off our backyard, we sampled the fresh vegetable off the vine.

For this year, I wanted more structure for our garden instead of using a strategy of “Anything Goes.” I wanted to give plants a fighting chance.

Here’s what we planted for 2010:

  • Garlic (2 rows on the side)
  • Corn (2 rows in the back)
  • Spinach (2 rows on the side. I’m also staggering the planting of other spinach seed in order to spread out the harvest
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Roma Tomato
  • Beefsteak Tomato

Soon – I will plant more potatoes. This time around I’m going with a bucket strategy. Hopefully, this will let my potatoes continue to flourish without taking over the rest of the garden lot.

My Rosemary and Italian Parsley plants surprised me. I put them in the ground last March and they survived the winter. In fact, I’ve been using some of the rosemary leaves in my winter dishes. Yah!
Still Alive

My two mint plants are also growing strong off the side of the house. I’ve used those leaves in hot cups of tea and savory food like my dad’s version of laarb.

I suspect this is proof that I possess green thumbs. Woot!