Stalking chicks and teeing off in Cow Town

Move over Ultimate Frisbee.

Frisbee Golf
Last month, Scott and Catalina introduced us to Frisbee Golf. We played part of a round at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville.

It’s a relaxing, challenging game of skill and chance. Mother Nature was another player on the green by blowing strong wind gusts into the mix.

Like the game of golf, players attempt to fling their frisbees into a caged “hole”. In addition to trying gain enough air and distance on my disc fling, I’m also trying to aim the disc at the hole standing about 350-400 yards away.

Frisbee Golf Hole

Lagoon Valley had some challenging holes. I think we lost 4 frisbees to the water.
Challenging hole for Frisbee Golf

As we wandered over to the next hole, I also stalked these adorable geese chicks. I couldn’t stop myself from snapping pictures of all the furry cuteness.
Chicks in the water

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