Ordering seafood in Baja

COVINA,CA – Move over, Rachel Ray and forget about $40-a-day.

My hubby and I enjoyed fresh fish, beer and beautiful beach views in Ensenada for $20.
God bless the 12 pesos-1 dollar exchange rate.
Ceviches de Camaron from Los Primos #fb
As part of my birthday weekend, I wanted to make this picture a reality: watching the waves crash as I enjoyed fresh fish on a Mexican beach.

On Sunday, we crossed the border, drove past Tijuana and followed Highway 1D to Ensenada. As I fought my hangover from the Salty Frog in Imperial Beach, I focused on the deep blue Pacific Ocean hugging the coast.

Once in Ensenada, we avoided the aggressive waiters in the so-called tourist zone and stumbled on Playa Hemosa. Only a few couples and families dotted the sand.

We settled on a small tent next to the beach that served ceviches and tostadas. I stumbled on my ceviche order. Mark used two years of high school Spanish classes and successfully ordered his Ceviche de Marlin.

It was a beautiful, simple foodie experience.

After our day trip to Baja California, I was ready to be 32-years-old.
I think.

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  1. SuzannePhan

    Lovely lovely way to spend a birthday! Happy Birthday gal pal.
    I’m happy to see the picture… the lovely blue sky, the hotsauce. I can smell the salty air. I wish I could been in Baja celebrating with you guys!

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