Counting down to St. Petersburg

Today – I’m trying to figure out how to say ‘Hello’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Good-bye’ in Russian.
Next month – I will step up to the lecture podium and teach a journalism class in St. Petersburg.

One of my co-workers said she didn’t understand why I would need a passport and visa to teach in that city. Then she realized I was talking about St. Petersburg, Russia.

Touchdown in Paradise

If it’s not obvious on this blog and on my Twitter feed – I love to travel. I’m also thrilled to have the chance to follow in the footsteps of Tchaikovsky and sample Russian food and drinks in what some people call the ‘Venice of the North.’

My Kansas boss helped me get my foot in the door with this guest lecturer opportunity at the journalism school. My class will cover ‘Modern Internet Television Techniques.’

Now, I’m using my time outside of the newsroom to work my lectures and get up to speed on Russian news. It looks like the wildfires in the southern part of the country are more devastating than the ones I remember in Southern California.

I also have one more big decision to make for this trip. Who shall be my ‘Plus One’ on the plane ride?
Plus One

The catch: my traveling buddy has to fit into my carry-on bag.

Bears vs. Daisy

Nearly six years ago – my bears smuggled themselves into my luggage on my Eurotrip.

Bears smuggling into my luggage

My cousin once said their butts have been to so many places. (Or was it too many places? Hard to tell. She was a little hesitant in hugging them when they made it back to the States)

Louie waits by the Tower Clock in Stare Meisto
Louie had a date in Prague.

Andre at Swords Castle in Dublin
Andre had a beer in Dublin.

So – who should stay and who should go?

7 thoughts on “Counting down to St. Petersburg

  1. rdv

    That’s alright they only live once or shall i say awake once, for Loui he could go back to for years… .right?

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  3. Mom

    Hi there !!! Happy 5th Anniversary to you guys!

    Good luck in Russia Kristina…

    Talk to you when you get back.

    Love, Mom

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