Another 48 Hours

Imagine waking up and counting off items on an endless to-do-list.

I escaped from life on the graveyard shift. Now, I am my own boss, setting my own hours and assignments. Still, there are times when I end up getting out of bed by 3:30 a.m., fueled by fear, followed by panic and with high expectations just around the corner.

I wrap up my legs in a red blanket that dates back to my Cal dorm days. The living room is my early morning sanctuary. The noisy heater and water pipe groans fill the silence and chase away the nervous narrative knocking around in my head. (Can I do this? What have I gotten myself into?) On our black (Mark says it’s blue) couch from the Pickle Palace, I flip through Vogue and follow Anne Hathaway on her Holly Golightly tour of Paris. Beautiful girl, fascinating actress.

I’m just a girl. I resist the urge to start my work day before sunrise. I know I will have plenty of opportunities to work around the clock on breaking news.

Cubicle Buddy
Oh yes – the Great Move of 2010 is finished. Mark closed up box city and broke down the moving boxes. We baptized the new stove with Sunday night dinner: an adult version of Mac-N-Cheese with peas, salami and tomatoes. My “newsroom” has a fluffy spot dedicated to my cubicle buddy.

In about 48 hours from now, I will launch the next chapter of my career.

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