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Fun with the Green Screen

On TV Spy – I stumbled on this kooky video that shows Tom Hanks playing weatherman.

Midlife crisis?

Here’s how I have fun in front of a green screen. We used this cute guy for a science demo by our meteorologist in Sacramento.
Fun times inside the weather center
Good times!

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Furry Faces

Last week, we saw triple-digit temperatures. In order to cool off, I took Daisy to the beaches at Half Moon Bay.
Daisy by the Pacific
This is the first time she has ever been on a beach and she looked so mellow. I asked her if this is better than her life in Kansas.

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When Wildcats were Wildcats

My alma mater had one of the coolest commencement speakers. Ever.

I stumbled on last weekend’s event from Colin Hanks’ blog. I suspect everyone stayed awake for Stephen Colbert’s speech.
Reception for the Medill Graduation

Colbert also calls out our alma mater for a “Snow Day.” Sure, he may have survived the coldest day in Chicago’s history. However, he didn’t have to do a public records scavenger hunt on the coldest day of the year. That was brutal!
Freezing in Chicago, 2004.

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Family Ties

It was such a pleasure to see my family at Jennie and Scott’s wedding. During my Kansas years, I managed to schedule a weekend away from Topeka for this lovely event in La Jolla.

Together again

My broadcast news professors at Medill warned us that we will work on holidays and miss a lot of family events.

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Cone of Shame

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Daisy.
Poor Daisy
The vet couldn’t figure out why she kept gnawing on her rear right paw. After shaving back the fur, she couldn’t find evidence of foxtails or thorns. But she saw the skin was really red. So – Daisy had her paw bandaged up for more than a week. We kept her on a steady diet of antibiotics. We wrapped wheat bread slices around her pills.

Today, the vet gave us the green light to remove the bandage. Her paw looks better and Daisy wanted to welcome it back with more chewing. So, she had to wear the cone of shame this morning.

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Comfort Me with Lobster

I suspect I enjoy menu browsing outside of restaurants more than window shopping at department stores and clothing boutiques.

I enjoy a decent deal off cute heels or a dress. However, I love a good meal. A tasty bite softens the blow of a bad day. Warm soup chases away the chill from a summer storm. A fine glass of wine makes my world a better place, on good and bad days.

Beef Stew

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Flare in Newark

The bar inside Nijo Castle in Newark serves up tasty sushi and cocktails. On the weekends, crooners show off their ballad skills for Karaoke night.
Sushi Rolls
On some nights, you can catch a bartender showing off his flare.

Facebook peeps, check out my blog to watch the video.

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