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Photo Sunday: Colorful

Inside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I taught a journalism class at St. Petersburg State University a couple of years ago. I had a blast and I would love to go back. I posted more photos and observations on my travel photo blog:
This is my entry for today’s Photo Sunday Challenge: Colorful.

Photo Sunday: Complex

Kids playing chess at Santana Row in San Jose.
Your Move
My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday Challenge: Complex.

Photo Friday: Crimson

Feels like summer in Fremont. 83 Degrees.

Our rose garden is thriving the East Bay.
Photo Friday : Crimson
This is my entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Crimson.

These yellow buds have hints of crimson.
Nosy dog in rose bushes
And in the background, my curious Daisy, sniffing out the blossoms and picking up thorns.

Squishy Face, Bony Elbows

A disturbing buzz drowns out the Sigur Ros channel on Pandora.

My hubby closes the dog door. I pour another cup of coffee and turn up the volume on moody guitar strings and Icelandic vocals.

My Saturday morning habits do not fool Daisy. She jumps up on the couch with enough force to push it against the window. She pokes her head out the blinds, bending back flimsy plastic strips. She spots the gardeners invading her home. She barks off an alarm to her pack.
A face only a mother could love?
I drag her back to the couch for more cuddles. She calms down with her dirty, chewed-up Binky. Daisy nibbled off the blue furry day a few weeks ago. Mark says we have a couple of new Binkys, on stand-by in the garage.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I miss beach weather!

I got lucky on this shot from Half Moon Bay. The photo has two kids playing by the surf. In the foreground, you can also see yellow and green paint buckets left behind in the sand.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects
So, I figured this photo works for today’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects.

Photo Friday: Soft Light

Stain glass windows inside St. Dominic’s in San Francisco.
Photo Friday : Soft Light
My entry for today’s Photo Friday challenge: Soft Light.

Coming Soon

I spotted a film crew shooting along Battery in San Francisco, next to Jackson Square.

Officers blocked off traffic as the crew shot a flat contraption, with four wheels, roll down the street.

I bet they’ll do some CG magic over the wheels. Maybe we’ll see a fancy, future car tearing through SF Financial District. Or a fancy Hollywood star flying past the dark red brick building on Battery. I wonder if I’ll recognize the scene when it makes it on TV or the silver screen.

Photo Sunday: Clear

My lunch break from the end of Pier 7 in San Francisco.
My entry for this week’s Photo Sunday challenge: Clear.

Photo Friday: My Window

Outside my car window.
My Window

My entry for the Photo Friday Challenge: My Window.

Another shot…this time, one suspicious puppy.
Suspicious Puppy

Mad as Hell?

Wow! I loved this trailer for the new HBO series, “The Newsroom.”
I wonder if Jeff Daniels is channeling Howard Beale in his anchor role.

I’m setting up my DVR to record the pilot. It could be awesome. I also find myself yelling at the screen with these pseudo-newsroom shows. Ask my hubby. I tore apart “Morning Glory.” I got snarky over impossible live shots, human camera work and the newsroom meeting before the morning news show.
#kvpnewsroom : Boothing #WkdEarlyEdition taping of @liammayclem 's #LiamsList w/ #JonathanPryce #fb #in
I almost stopped watching “The Ugly Truth” when I saw the Sacramento morning news producer drive to work after sunrise. WTF.

Also – Thanks to Medill’s tweet, I spotted one of the lectures halls used by my classes in Evanston. Ah…memories!