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Famous Silhouette

My high school math teacher introduced me to Alfred Hitchcock. He played his films after we finished an exam. He selected the older films from the 1930s including: “39 Steps” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Plenty of drama and mystery. It skimped on the blood and sex from his later works.

MY teacher also played selections from the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” TV series.

I fell in love with Hitchcock films during my freshman year at Cal. My dorm buddy wanted to get extra credit for watching “Vertigo.”
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Spotting green themes at work and abroad.
From our meteorologist’s chroma key wall to Barcelona bar’s Clara.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green
My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

My Saturday

Visions of stuffing, cranberries and gravy danced in our heads.

It felt like an epic grocery shopping weekend. Whole Foods was packed with amateur chefs looking ahead to Turkey Day. I stuck to my game plan for lumpia fillings. Mark is quite excited by his garlic mashed potatoes recipe.

We stopped by Ranch 99 for lumpia wrappings and pearl milk tea. We spent the afternoon rolling up lumpia wrappers with ground beef, ground turkey and vegetables.

I’ll fry them up on Thanksgiving.

Our midday T-Day feast should be an easy one. I can’t wait to see our buddy Scott add turkeys to his smoker!!! My inner foodie is geeking out over the idea of smoked turkey on our dining table.
My Saturday
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