Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Another year.
Another promise to run more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved
These are my shoe prints from yesterday’s 2.5 mile run along the beach near Fort Funston. Funston is paradise for dogs. Tails wagging, balls flying and leashes wrapped around their humans. Clearly, my Daisy would be outraged by her 4-legged colleagues who have embraced the leash-less lifestyle. So, I left her at home for this run.

Running Resolutions

I feel so blessed to live next to the Pacific. It’s a beautiful spot to keep resolutions.

I’m also in the middle of a Runkeeper 5K training program. I’ve completed several 3+ mile runs in the past. Now, I’m trying to improve my time. I’m also trying to save my right ankle. I end up tweaking it after long runs. I suspect weak ankles are the product of my skating career. My busted ankle often thwarts my running goals.

New running shoes!
I invested in a sweet pair of Omni 11 running shoes after a visit to Fleet Feet. The sales guys are experts in running, shoes and keeping our feet happy.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved.