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Box Seats

God Bless the “Masters.”

The golf event canceled my Saturday morning show. So, I had a rare Friday night out with friends.
Box Seats
We had sweet box seats at the Cow Palace for the SF Bulls game against Alaska. We had a great view of the ice and I had a blast catching up with friends.

A damn shame the Bulls lost last night.

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Say La!

Video game music rocks my world. I liked playing the theme to Super Mario Bros. on my college radio shows.

Now, I stumbled on this genius rendition thanks to the viral video blog on CBS News.

This video put a smile on my face in the newsroom.

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Where Pets Do What Pets Love

Daisy spent the weekend at Pet Camp in San Francisco.

“Thank you for calling Pet Camp, where pets do what pets love,” said one of the camp workers when I booked her stay over the phone. I love that line.

I also love all the Daisy photos posted on their camper cameo site.

(From Pet Camp)

(From Pet Camp)
I’m tickled that she’s playing with other dogs. It looks like she had a blast!

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Easter Eve Dinner

I had to work a graveyard shift starting on Easter. So we celebrated the holiday early with my parents.

The smells of braised meat in the oven made Daisy a little crazy.
Mustard-braised Lamb Shanks

Before dinner, we wandered around San Francisco.

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