Easter Eve Dinner

I had to work a graveyard shift starting on Easter. So we celebrated the holiday early with my parents.

The smells of braised meat in the oven made Daisy a little crazy.
Mustard-braised Lamb Shanks

Before dinner, we wandered around San Francisco.

I enjoyed the Golden Gate Outlook by Battery Boutelle. We had a fantastic view of the bridge. It’s easier to find parking here in comparison to the lookout area on the Marin side of the bridge. We spotted runners on a trail that winds under the bridge. My hubby and I want to check that out someday.

I returned to a Serious Eats recipe for the main course: Lamb shanks braised with mustard and mint.
Easter Eve Dinner
I also fried meat and veggie lumpia. I had leftover rolls frozen from our Winter cookout. They still tasted quite good for Easter.

Mark chopped up mint, shallots and garlic. He also cooked asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper.

The butcher at Whole Foods asked me I wanted him to break the lamb shank bones. I said “Yes.” At dinner, we discovered that broken bones allowed us to suck out the succulent marrow. Awesome!

Overall, it was a lovely meal with family.

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