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It Happens

I spotted this chocolate bar inside a Barcelona grocery store. We laughed, snapped a photo and moved on.
#kvpspain : Spotted dark chocolate "Filipinos" inside #barcelona supermarket. #fb

I left the candy behind.

Now, I found my new response to one of the most irritating questions: “Where are you from?”

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Bee Tree

All I wanted for my birthday: a beautiful hike in Tomales Bay and an oyster feast. We did both after my graveyard shift yesterday.

We hiked along the Jepson and Johnstone trails in Tomales Bay State Park.
#kvptgif - Hike in #Marin County after my #graveyard shift #TGIF

“Three leaves, let it be.”
Mark and Scott tried to explain what to look for in poison ivy. They also explained “bee” trees. People should move away from trees with bees buzzing around them.

Susan read about Sir Francis Drake, the Miwoks and the Marin Conservation League in the state park map.

I killed my iPhone’s battery with photos of trees, flowers and random nature stuff.

Then I spotted a “bee” tree.

Little Balls of Fur

Breaking news is my favorite adrenaline rush in the newsroom.
Another rush: using chopper and ground crews to cover huge Bay Area events – from Tour of California to a Space Shuttle flyover.

#kvpnewsroom @AnneMakovec with softy, furry kitties from @SFACC
One of our favorite studio segments involves cute animals looking for homes. Our quick adopt-a-pet segments have helped furry friends find new families.

On another note – this cat video is hilarious! The tortured musings of spoiled pets, on YouTube.

Birthday Boy

Last week, we celebrated Mark’s birthday with rotisserie chicken and beef hearts at Limon in San Francisco’s Mission.
Happy Birthday Mark.
We wrapped up with drinks at Sycamore. His bottle of Firestone Walker Parabola = best beer this year.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

We drove down Highway 1 after my graveyard shift. I took a nap. I woke up when traffic forced our car to stop by the Pacific.
I love waking up to ocean views.
Beautiful views of the Pacific on our #SantaCruz hike

Our TGIF goals for Santa Cruz:

It was a tasty, beautiful ending to my work week.

It felt like we escaped the daily grind during this beach hike at Wilder Ranch.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape.

Photo Sunday – Motion

Playing around at the first adult night at the Exploratorium.

We tinkered with experiments, tested theories and sipped sparkling wine at the museum’s new home on the Embarcadero.

This my entry for the Photo Sunday challenge: Motion.


“This is not what I signed up for,” said our buddy Scott, in the middle of the second flight of stairs on the Dipsea Steps.

We tempted him and our cousin Alexis with a beautiful hike that led to a fantastic cabin, tucked away on Mt. Tam.

At the last minute, I convinced them to try out the hike starting in downtown Mill Valley, at the foot of the Dipsea Steps. A car nap revived me after my graveyard shift.

What could go wrong?

We survived the steep climb up 688 steps. We gawked at gorgeous mountain mansions along the rugged Dipsea Trail. An hour later, we arrived at the Tourist Club.
#kvptgif : Awesome destination for our #MarinCo hike/stair climb. Beer, picnic and board games!
Everyone agreed that the destination was worth sore legs and lack of oxygen.


Also – I suspect everyone would have been happy with the flatter, 30-minute hike into the Tourist Club.
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