“This is not what I signed up for,” said our buddy Scott, in the middle of the second flight of stairs on the Dipsea Steps.

We tempted him and our cousin Alexis with a beautiful hike that led to a fantastic cabin, tucked away on Mt. Tam.

At the last minute, I convinced them to try out the hike starting in downtown Mill Valley, at the foot of the Dipsea Steps. A car nap revived me after my graveyard shift.

What could go wrong?

We survived the steep climb up 688 steps. We gawked at gorgeous mountain mansions along the rugged Dipsea Trail. An hour later, we arrived at the Tourist Club.
#kvptgif : Awesome destination for our #MarinCo hike/stair climb. Beer, picnic and board games!
Everyone agreed that the destination was worth sore legs and lack of oxygen.


Also – I suspect everyone would have been happy with the flatter, 30-minute hike into the Tourist Club.

The Dipsea Steps are the “warm-up” lap to one of the oldest foot races in the country. Runners passed us as we crawled up three flights.

#kvptgif - Climbing 688 steps. Feel da burn!!!

The path to the Tourist Club led off the Dispsea Trail and onto the Sun Trail. You could see the Pacific on the horizon.
#kvptgif - Hiking in #Marin. Grateful the rain went away.

Seating at the Tourist Club is first come, first serve. Club members have full access to the cabin, along with reserved seating.

Guests borrowed board games. Some bought German draft beer. I like the dried sausage.

Many folks pack their own goodies for a picnic. I picked up a corned beef sandwich on Rosemary focaccia bread from the Mill Valley Market.

We started on our 2+ mile hike back to our cars after Scott won Trivia Pursuit.


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