It Happens

I spotted this chocolate bar inside a Barcelona grocery store. We laughed, snapped a photo and moved on.
#kvpspain : Spotted dark chocolate "Filipinos" inside #barcelona supermarket. #fb

I left the candy behind.

Now, I found my new response to one of the most irritating questions: “Where are you from?”

It was also part of the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard.

During my Berkeley years, I checked out a KALX buddy working a DJ set at a bar in Oakland. I went with Linda, another radio buddy who managed the Women’s Affairs department. She also preferred women.

We ordered some beers, listened to the dance beats. We cheered on our KALX comrade. I remember she was helping me cope with guy issues.

A stranger sat next to us.
Oh yah, did I mention that Linda is BEAUTIFUL? Seriously, guys can’t help hitting on her.

Stranger to my friend: “Hello, where are you from?”
Linda: “Berkeley.”
Linda: “I mean…Chinese? Japanese? Korean?”
She shakes her head.
Stranger: “Thai?”
She nods.
Stranger: “Sawatdee kah! (Pause) Want to dance?”

Linda tried to brush him off.
Stranger: “Want a beer? It’s ok. (he looks at me and nods) I’ll buy your friend a drink too.”

1 thought on “It Happens

  1. rdv

    Very sad that these things are still part of our lives. I guess He allows this to happen to make life worth living and interesting.
    I usually tell myself in these situations that I am a better person and try not going down to their levels. It is easier said than done though:).

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