Together Again

MONTREAL – The rain followed us to Canada.

We spent 7 hours on the road. Drove past the One Thousand Islands. Answered questions at the Canadian border.

Finally, we checked into our hotel in Montreal’s Latin Quarter. Hopefully, the sun will come back for our Quebec trip.

Family Cookout
We got lucky with the weather yesterday. Mark’s mom, Terri, and his aunt hosted a family cookout in Burt, near Olcott Beach.

Mark’s best friend, Kaine, drove up for the cookout with his mom, Linda, and his daughter. We kept up with his family’s new house on Facebook.

It’s even better to spend time with them in New York.

Yesterday – I ate too much food and played a couple of rounds of cornhole. We had different options for salads. I fell in love with Aunt Maureen’s hot German potato salad. Terri and Kaine grilled burgers and hot dogs. I fried up beef lumpia after I found egg roll wrappers at Ni Hoowa Supermarket in Amherst. I was happy to hear that our family liked them.

Mark took me on my first ATV ride. His cousin Jeff drove it to the cookout.
He called it: “My chariot!”

We caught up with aunts, uncles and cousins. The kids I saw back in 2009 now stand taller than me.

Wedding plans are underway for some.
Others are graduating from high school.

Like my flower girl from my wedding. She has grown-up to be a beautiful young lady.

“I miss you,” she said.
“I miss you too,” I replied.

It was lovely to see everybody again. I wish we could visit more often.