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Photo Friday: Mobile Phone Photo

Beautiful sunflowers dazzled me in San Francisco’s Marina District.

I used my iPhone 4 to snap these photos.
Marina Green Sunflower

I had visions of wandering thru sunflower fields when I lived in Kansas. I didn’t find any until I was about to move back to California.
Sunflowers in San Francisco

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday challenge: Mobile Phone Photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I ended up in the newsroom twice on Independence Day.
Sunrise on July 4
I watched the sunrise over the Bay Bridge after I left the control booth. This view in the lobby is my moment of zen after producing a 90-minute news show.

Sixteen hours later, my Corolla crawled thru post-fireworks traffic on the Embarcadero. Then I walked thru the lobby for my next graveyard shift.

Outside of the newsroom, I like watching the sunset at the Moonraker in Pacifica.
Sidecar and sunset in #pacifica. I love living so close to the ocean!

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.

Travel Theme: Simplicity

Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite weekend getaway destinations.

For the Memorial holiday, I enjoyed my coffee while walking thru the garden at Seal Cove Inn.

Seal Cove Inn
I thought these delicate dew drops worked out nicely for this week’s Travel Theme: Simplicity.