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Travel Theme: Glow

Look up!

Beautiful chandelier inside Fat Angel.

I also liked the ceiling inside the Asian Art Museum.

It was a late day at the museum. I had about 15 minutes to “Enter the Mandala.”
Enter the Mandala

Last week – cocktails, under the sea, at the Steinhart Aquarium.
Inside Steinhart Aquarium

My entry for the Travel Theme: Glow.

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Photo Friday: Still Life

Call and response.

My choir director ended our rehearsals at church with: “St. Cecilia.”
“Pray for us,” we chimed back.

Now I live about ten minutes away from St. Cecilia’s.

I also visited Harding Park today.
Pier at Harding Park

On my weekend, I spotted this lonely piece of art in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.
Lonely art

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Still Life.

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Photo Friday: Textures

Puzzle inspiration by Van Gough.

The The Starry Night Puzzle
Hubby worked on this puzzle. All by himself. 2,000 pieces.
Now we have a beautiful work of art for our home!

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Textures.

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Travel Theme: Clean

Enjoying flowers and coffee inside an English garden at Seal Cove Inn.

I love the dewdrops shimmering on these blossoms.


Last year’s Half Moon Bay getaway on Memorial Day.

My entry for this week’s Travel Theme: Clean.

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Photo Friday: Glorious

A beautiful sunset in San Francisco.
#kvptgif : Watching the sunset. Only a few minutes from our house. Beautiful! #fb
By Ocean Beach.

My entry for Photo Friday: Glorious.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

A blessing for travelers.
Blessing for travelers
On our day trip to Mexico, I spotted this 75-foot statue of Jesus off the highway leading to Ensenada.

The calm before a fight.
Inside the bull ring at Museu Tauri in Barcelona.

Butterflies before my first lecture.
Setting up for my lecture
A studio inside St. Petersburg State University.

My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold.

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Photo Friday: Reflection

Hanging out at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont.
Hanging Out

My entry for this week’s Photo Friday: Reflection.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Craving hot weather.

Travel memories…
We left our sweaters back in the hotel when we wandered around Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) in Barcelona.
I love this shot of Hanna – caught in the middle of a thought. We had a blast celebrating her birthday in Spain. Also – we were grateful when she translated our questions and food orders.

I managed to order clara and cava at bars, on my own, by the end of the trip.

Tourist bonus: cached maps on our smartphones synched up with GPS signals. We didn’t need cell phone service. It’s like having a live map when you’re navigating thru twisty alleys in Barri Gòtic!

A busker entertained us as we waited to go inside the Picasso Museum.

This is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

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Travel theme: Statues

My mind is wandering. I am ready for another travel adventure. Anywhere but here. Some place sunny.

St. Petersburg was quite lovely in September. My Russian colleagues thought I needed a heavier coat when it rained. The wet weather balanced out with the balmy last days of summer, melting into autumn.

A hallway of statues inside the Hermitage.

I also enjoyed summer in Montreal.
The cobblestone streets of Old Montreal reminded me of Paris.

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