Travel theme: Statues

My mind is wandering. I am ready for another travel adventure. Anywhere but here. Some place sunny.

St. Petersburg was quite lovely in September. My Russian colleagues thought I needed a heavier coat when it rained. The wet weather balanced out with the balmy last days of summer, melting into autumn.

A hallway of statues inside the Hermitage.

I also enjoyed summer in Montreal.
The cobblestone streets of Old Montreal reminded me of Paris.

This sculpture reminded me of the “Thinker.”
It was a pleasure to explore the city and everyone was quite nice. Servers humored my attempts to order “en français.” (They responded in English to make sure they got my order right.)

Mama Penguin
Lately, my walking adventures lead me to Lake Merced. I think this is a mama penguin with her chicks.

I’m ready for a vacation!

This is my entry for the Travel theme: Statues.