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I am an Emmy Award-winning journalist with more than 14 years experience producing news shows and special projects. I also serve on the governing board for the Asian American Journalists Association. From chocolate classes in Lima to boules games in Ensenada, I am always hungry for an adventure, especially a tasty one that’s shared with my family.

From my time in the Bay Area, Nov. 2006

I’m a Cali girl working in San Francisco television news. I love traveling, trying new food and hanging out with my family and friends when I’m not chasing breaking news and juggling chainsaws inside the newsroom.

North Control

Working in the Bay Area was my career goal after all my internships and my degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Medill. I produced morning and Noon news shows in Sacramento. I also launched the first hyperlocal news site in Newark, Ca.

Outside of the newsroom, my adventures in food and wine picked up some media buzz.

I worked in Topeka, Kansas after I graduated from J-School. Overall, I enjoyed my Kansas experience. I met a cool group of journalists, dog lovers, musicians and a fab stylist at Salon 808.

I work hard at my job and I like to play hard outside of the newsroom. Currently, this blog will cover my adventures in Northern California: at work and beyond. My hubby and I love to take random road trips to wherever — I’ll post more pictures and videos on those trips. Our baby Daisy, also takes center stage in our lives. So you’ll see more on that cute cocker in these pages. Plus I love taking pictures of food. So hopefully this blog will also wet your appetite for a culinary adventure or two.

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My First Competition from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

[Normandy, France 2004]

From my time in Kansas: Nov. 2005 to Dec. 2007

I’m a Cali girl trying to make a name for herself in Kansas. I got a gig as a news producer in Topeka. In 2005, I spent my first year here trying to prove myself as a broadcast journalist. So far, I’ve managed to convince most co-workers and Kansans that I deserve to be here. I wanted to be a journalist ever since 6th grade. For career day, I dressed up in my mom’s business suit and carried a pen and notepad. I peppered my classmates and teacher with annoying questions on why they do what they do. I suppose I never stopped asking questions.

I grew up in Los Angeles and I lived in the Bay Area for 7 years. My roots are in California and I go home often. In Kansas, my family is made up of my hubby and my Daisy. She’s the beautiful faun-colored cocker spaniel featured often in my entries.

I’ve kept some online journal since 1998. These Brainpickings have evolved from a series of ranting and raving over my college years, dating, work and more. Currently, this blog is all about a Cali transplant adapting to her new home state. I’ll post more pictures, flavors, sounds and my observations on Topeka, Kansas and the Midwest.

[Covent Gardens, London 2004]

I also cover my trips home and around the country and hopefully other parts of the world. Depends on my budget, more or less.

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