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Up in the Air

My parents have been doing a lot of traveling in the last few months.

In November, they won a cruise vacation. It sounded like a relaxing way to explore the western coast of Mexico. My dad brought back several bottles of tequila and snapped some beautiful pictures at sea. Together – they had plenty of good food, bright sunshine and warm memories.
Relaxing at Sea

Now – they’re somewhere over the Pacific. This journey has brought together my mom’s side of the family.

On Board
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It’s My Birthday and I’m Sneezing

I turned 29 years old today.

I have a few minutes left on my birthday. And I’ve been sneezing, coughing and feeling dopey headed all day. I’m about to pop some Tylenol Cold pills and pray I can work tomorrow.

So, my body made an executive decision that I will not be partying on my birthday. I had lovely cards from family and co-workers, tasty cookies and gifts…but no booze. I guess it is truly the end of the line for my young adulthood.


originally uploaded by queenkv.

Mark woke me up with these awesome gifts and cards from his family. Yes, that is a digital video camera. I can’t wait to post my new videos on this blog.

originally uploaded by queenkv.

Mark took me out to the Brick Oven for lunch. This Berry Chocolate bag was my birthday cake. It tasted so rich and sweet.

I do have a new blog project for my 29th year. I will have more tomorrow…hopefully when I’m feeling better.

A new look for the Heartland…

I finally figured out how to make a transparent gif with Graphics Converter on Mac. Hooray!

Once again, the doll on my index page changes outfits to fit the weather. It’s cold out there.

Here’s my DC Doll from my last quarter at Medill….

[pix from]

This is my Chicago Doll for my first quarter in grad school – damn it was cold.

When I first started my blog – I had this Cali Doll – short skirts and sunshine.

My last doll was a bride-to-be in August…

[pix from the Ultimate Doll Maker]

And now…in Kansas – my doll is bundled up for the cold weather and snow.

My co-worker pointed me to this awesome doll maker: the Candy Dollmaker. You need to sign up for a free account, but it’s worth it! So many pretty outfits to choose from.

Fashion synching up with my new role….

Here’s my DC Doll from my last quarter at Medill….

[pix from]

This is my Chicago Doll for my first quarter in grad school – damn it was cold.

When I first started my blog – I had this Cali Doll – short skirts and sunshine.

And now….this month….on Saturday, August 27, 2005 – I’m a frickin’ bride.

[pix from the Ultimate Doll Maker]
Don’t worry Mark! – my wedding outfit doesn’t look like this!

Midnight Lily interviews mememe


i browsed a couple of blogs and stumbled upon Midnight Lily’s interview….so I decided to particpate in it….what’s the worse that could happen.

here’s how interview meme

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions – each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

so…yeah…um…onto answering Midnight Lily’s questions:

For QueenKV

1. How did you get started DJing with KLAX?

I think you mean KALX (by the way – the link your site doesn’t work – it’s

I started off as a news reporter at KALX in Fall 2000. This was my freshman year in college and I wanted some experience in broadcast journalism. Three years later, I decided to take advantage of the DJ training program – I wanted to do something new and I liked the idea of programming music for three hours….KALX is a free-format station – so I could play anything I want – from Mozart to Digweed and all points in between and off this planet. To become a KALX DJ you have to work at the station for three months – in any of the departments. Plus at KALX, since there’s a such a demand for DJ training – students are given priority. KALX is a college station and is required to have at least 50% of on-air programmers as UC Berkeley students. So, I snuck in that way. After the classes and show zero – DJ trainees do 8 (3:30-6:00 AM) shifts. We kept turning in our air checks for final judgement. After show 8 – the DJ trainers and the reviewers decide whether the trainee is ready to graduate to the next level of programming (mid-3:30 AM). We keep submitting airchecks, to move up and down the programming schedule. Ok, 3:30-6:00 AM – was a killer! But I’m glad I stuck with it as a student – as a full-time UC employee…I’m damn exhausted and I need my beauty sleep. I currently DJ every other Saturday from 6-9 AM….My playlists are located here….any music requests? Let me know: We also stream our music – in real time. So…..that’s pretty darn cool. I’ve had listeners call and email from Japan, Chicago, and Australia…..according to one Australian listener – I don’t sound Californian…whatever that means 😛

2. Having grown up in the US, how do you relate to your Filipino roots?
One major way I relate to those roots is through food – I learned a few recipes from my dad. Lumpia, adobo, pansit – yummy….We even have JollyBee’s in SF and in the Vallejo area. When I took my parents up to Napa, we stopped by a JollyBees….dude, I was so tickled because the last time I was in one, was in the Philippines, for my cousin’s b-day…..

I also do my best to hang on to the stories passed on through my family. My parents grew up during martial law – under Marcos – a lot of those memories are painful. My dad is willing to share a lot – but my mother, well, it’s tough….I’ve only got a few stories about her side of the family – from my dad and later when I visited the Philippines in summer 1999. I saw my lola (my mom’s mom) – for the first time, since I was a baby. Not like I could remember much back then – my hypothalmus wasn’t fully developed. According to my dad and her sister, my mom’s brother was found to be anti-Marcos. Soldiers came by his house one day, lined him up in front of his family, and executed him. Generally, my parents are terrified when my bother and I visited the Philippines, especially since we don’t speak tagalog. My major project to document my family’s history was during my senior at Cal. I did my thesis on the Filipino experience during World War 2: their stories and what their American Allies thought of them. I interviewed my Aunt and Uncle in San Diego, for this thesis. My uncle was in 6th grade when the Japanese invaded and my aunt was in 4th grade. They were both professors in the Philippines. I also used a history book written by one of my great-uncles. I was also tickled by that. Some of my family managed to get by, after the Americans left. My uncle operated a horse carriage during that time – to bring in food money for the family. He also escorted Japanese soliders around. My aunt remembers traveling at night with her family, to avoid the partols and to reach safe points outside of Manila. My dad wasn’t born during this time. My mom was just a baby. My lola told me she was terrifed when the soliders visited her house. One of them said my mom was such a beautiful baby. He took her from my lola’s arms and held her tight. Tossed her into the air, like a proud father would. He said she reminded him of his own child. According to my lola, she was on the verge of tears when she saw these solider hold my mom. You see, she heard from other mothers how soliders would do the same thing – except, when they tossed the babies in the air – they shot them.

In addition to my family’s stories – I’ve also reviewed books and movies by and about Filipinos. The Debut is the most recent film I saw about the Filipino American experience and it totally touched my heart. I completely relate to that boy’s experience. When it came by the bay area, I had a chance to interview the filmmaker, Gene Cayajon for my newsmagazine at KALX.

3. Do you still ice-skate? Share your most memorable skating experience.
No, not lately. I need to lose some weight first – or else I’m going to screw something up if I attempt any of the moves I use to do. Memorable skating experience? Um…actually, it was during one of the shows I performed in. The Spring Revue was my clubs’ way of showcasing folks who placed in the top four for our Regional Championships (it goes: Regionals, Sectionals, Nationals, Worlds and Olympics). I skated to the music “Sweet Nothing” – it was the first time I skated to a flirty/sexy number. My new cheographer, Rikki Harris – totally believed I could pull it off. Before her, I stuck with either broadway musicals – like MyFair Lady or Cats, or classical pieces – like Offenbach or Mozart…so…yeah – sexy wasn’t my deal. I hate a cute pink dress and my hair was pulled back into a sporty ponytail. I smiled, I flirted, and I attacked those jumps. People were shocked. I went for a double axel (one of the most difficult jumps in my reportoire, at the time) – and I stumbled, fell. I decided to roll out of it and strike a pose. I continued my cheography on the ground for another 2 seconds – until I could prop myself up and about again. People chuckled and cheered. Since it wasn’t a competition – I didn’t have to worry about point deductions – only entertaining the crowd. I ended with a kiss blown out to the audience.

4. If you would star in your own sitcom, what would the show be about?
Let’s see…the queenkv show would be about queenkv and her space station….yeah…cool – we’d have visitors from all over the universe and these blood-sucking vampires lurking in the dark corners – waiting to strike and take over. I’d be the commander of an inter-planetary crew of Rangers – trained by Samurai Vulcans. This is the first collaboration of the Federation of Planets and we’re getting use to traveling in fighter jets at warp speed.

Um…I guess I’m simply incorporating bits and pieces of other shows I watch. Oh yeah! I almost forgot – I would also have drinks every weekend with my girlfriends, alien ambassadors from other planets – we’d talk about work and most importantly, about our sex lives. Think about it – we’d have a lot to discuss when it comes to zero-gravity intercourse. hahaha….my honey said we could call it: Sex and the Cosmos or Sex and the SETI. Oh yeah…how about “Lust in Space” ?


5. (Finish this line) “Purple papayas smell like…”
island fruit picked by sweet and sexy island people – yeah…that’s it!

hmm….good idea…

a questionaire from life of nicole lee

a bit late, I know…but heck…it’s interesting.

How’s your job been going? Or school, if you’re a student?

things have finally settled down at work. I’m in the IT department at the business school – at Cal…..go bears! Things were nutty last week with the damn Welchia virus. We had a mess load of laptops to patch up and clean-out. Fighting fires, that sort of thing. But things have calmed down this week – I was able to upload more pix to my photoalbum and take care of other business….

Any amusing anecdotes from work or school? (The commute is included.)
um…well…yeah – last week a pissy student had an attitude problem. One of my student workers came to help his group with a laptop issue. She followed policy and he just exclaimed: “she doesn’t know anything, she’s just a work study student.” what a jerk. the next day, he came in and he was even more pissed. he exclaimed: “somebody stole my laptop from the lounge. could you call the police?” so….i guess he’s not going to have any more laptop problems for sometime now. what goes around comes around, buddy.

Make any big decisions?

oh boy yeah! i just told my boss that I’m going to Northwestern for grad school. That was a big deal for me. I had butterflies in my stomach. I expected something horrible and I was totally happy that my boss was so supportive of my academic aspirations.

For those that are in the U.S., did you do anything fun for Labor Day weekend? What?
well, I like shopping and so, my honey and I went to Fry’s so that I could get a new laptop bag. I also spent some time there, talking myself out of buying an external hard drive and a usb memory key. Argh….On Sunday, we did a lovely hike through Muir Woods. I will have some pix up on that…in a bit. I was a bit annoyed at some of the familes that came through….too damn chatty. We ended up on some trails that were unpaved….where the strollers can’t follow. Afterwards, we headed for a coffeeshop in Mill Valley and Mark polished off his latest Phillip K. Dick book. Overall, it was a relaxing weekend.

Anything fun planned for the coming week?
um….i don’t think so. i’m trying to a brunch thing with my friends on Sunday. oh yeah, and I’m starting up my hankido classes this evening. yeah, i’m going to get my butt kicked tonight.

mememememe….because i had another drink

it relaxes me….i tried making a mint julep with diet lemon lime soda (yeah, some knock off on sprite, I’m sure). didn’t like it too much.

so….for my mint julep…..i did:

jim bean’s
fresh mint
lot’s of sugar

and muddled it all up….

it got me nice and relaxed – so i can tell you about the next part of my life.

in addition to mixing drinks, I adore cooking….lately, most of my recipes come from ediets – because I’m still trying to loose weight. I guess all the empty calores I’m getting from drinking, isn’t helping. c’est la vie. i know my goals, but i also enjoy doing what i do. i enjoy pleasure. i also enjoy movies. adore them. i don’t own a dvd (gasp – in this day and age! i know) but i do have a vcr and i have a mess load of vhs tapes. i’m a sucker for classical films. Casablanca is my favorite movie of all time. Why? Because Rick Blaine and Ilsa prove that love can bring miracles – even in the darkest hour of war. Action, romance, thrilling highs and heart wrenching lows….that’s why I adore this movie. I’ll probably put more on it at Bon Vivant…in a bit. My current favorite is Kissing Jessica Stein.

i am also a pretty die-hard star trek fan. my buddy from Rosary – she got me hooked on Next Generation.

She use to write fan fiction that would hook up Crusher with Picard. They totally want each other. She also tried to get me hooked on Country Music. That effort failed miserably.

Mark and I ended up at a Star Trek Convention in San Jose, a year ago. It was cool! I got to see Dr. Beverly Crusher….and some of the chicks from the Old Generation. Plus I added a few more action figures to my collection. I have Crusher and Troi in holodeck costume, now. Is that geeky?

Let’s see….what else am I into? I do Hankido at Cal. I’m up to brown belt now. I took some time off because of some serious trauma at the gym. Still haven’t gotten over it.

At Cal, I majored in American Studies. I chose it, partly because it had a nice “choose-your-own-classes” nature of it. I also welcomed the opperutnity to do a thesis on my family. My focus was on the the Philippino Experience during World War II – and the reflections made by American scholars and filmmakers. I interviewed my Aunt and Uncle, who were in elementary school when the Japanese took over the islands.

um….not sure what else to say….maybe another time.