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Moody Monday: Deep

This is my entry for the next Moody Monday challenge: Deep. I snapped these pix back at the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. This is the day after our Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.

So…thinking deep thoughts for the Moody Monday bit – I figured jelly fish from the deep sea would fit the theme.

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OAKLAND — Blogging from our hotel room, just outside of Chinatown. This is my entry for Moody Monday – Perfect.
I think the California coast is perfect – beautiful and peaceful. It’s breathtaking. I wish I could live here.



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This is my entry for Moody Monday: Spring.

I took this pix at Colonial Willamsburg…in VA. Cute little town, with their Colonial buildings, colonial costumes, colonial cats…colonial gardens…like this one…however, Mark said if they wanted to keep it real to the colonial vibe…they should have been growing hemp.

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