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phototime tuesday: Action

late night

…etiher a late night or too much booze….this is from one of my last get-togethers in Berkeley – before I headed off to grad school in Chicago. We’re at Cafe Jun….a Japanese dive and karaoke bar.

for phototime tuesday: “late night”


back in dec 2003….

….on the road…in new mexico….in the middle of my journey – so far from home and so far from my final destination – chicago….

for phototime tuesday: the theme is “distant”


empty: for phototime tuesday….


phototime tuesday theme: home town

bay bridge…

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phototime tuesday theme: hands


guess what mark is touching!


(ok – I know this week’s theme is Discarded – but I couldn’t find anything for it! So I went with the week before, which was more interesting to me 🙂

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for photo time tuesday

from vermont ave, in hollywood

[first posted on my fotolog….I should probably save space and start posting there more often….

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this week’s theme: transportation – I saw another Jeepney featured in the comments list – I figured it couldn’t hurt to add one more. This jeepney belongs to my uncle in Dagupan. My Ate’ G said she would take these to school every day. She said her brother was a bit embrassed by her because she was always running late and she only had enough time to hang off the back end of the jeepney. This was orginally posted last year

photo time tuesday looks like fun 🙂