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My next show on KYOU Radio

Yeah! My third episode of aural fixations is now on KYOU Radio.

Like my other shows, this podcast is scheduled with their regular online programming and on 1550 KYCY-AM.

Vote for this episode! Vote over and over again!

OK – now here are the times you can listen to Episode 3 – live:
2:00 AM
10:00 AM
6:35 PM

Listen to Queenkv – LIVE – on 1550 KYCY-AM, San Francisco

Well…I have my dj shift today on KSPC – 2-4pm….

I also have a few notes on my last podcast (Queenkv Getting Digital – Ep. 1). I uploaded it to KYOU Radio – and it was added to their line-up earlier this week. Sweetness! Which means – my podcast was scheduled with their regular programming – not just online – but on 1550 KYCY-AM…..neato! Wow…did not know Infinity Broadcasting owned KYOU Radio. Interesting.

Online listeners get to comment/vote on their favorite shows – and that determines which popular shows KYOU Radio keeps in its line-up. So – I’ll let folks know when my show is on….and please please folks – VOTE VOTE for my next podcast – OK?

OK – now here are the times you can listen to Queenkv’s Oral Fixation – Episode 2 – live:
1:00 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM (Episode 1)
5:00 PM
8:00 PM (Episode 1)

Queenkv Getting Digital….

Well…I think I figured out this whole podcasting business….I found a free podhosting site:….My profile doesn’t show up…but it took my first podcast show: “Queenkv Getting Digital.”

I mixed the music and VO tracks with audacity. It’s pretty user friendly…and it exports the project files into MP3.

So – this is kinda how my radio shows sound…just shorter. I also added a story on webcasting. I filed a few year’s ago for my newsmagazine on KALX.

Here’s the link to the “Queenkv Getting Digital” – podcast feed. You can subscribed to this feed in iTunes 4.9.. Click on “Advance” – “Subscribe to Podcast” and then past this link into window that pops up.


And if you have problems with that – you can also download the MP3.


Let me know what you think about my new show!

PS – I can also take music requests – just let me know!
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