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Working and learning in the nation’s capital.

retarded whale doing yoga…

I woke up half-an-hour before the alarm…..Mark woke up shortly afterwards…

I rolled out my yoga mat and lit candles. But I felt a bit self-concious doing yoga in front of Mark…typically he’s asleep when I’m doing my yoga stuff….so…I did some cat poses and then child pose. Then I let out a refreshing yawn.

Then Mark snickered….

“It sounds like you’re a retarded whale doing yoga.”

Good morning to you, honey.

We’re leaving for Cali today….
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Yeah…new look – by popular demand (almost everyone liked the new design) – I went ahead and updated this blog…I miss Europe.

Let’s see…Mark has a way of saying things that not only make you laugh….but his words could also make you say something…”You did not go there….”
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update to layout…background…and other goodies..

Hey folks…

Well…it’s Monday and who wants to go into work on a Monday? So…I’m taking my time on getting into the newsroom….I’ll probably leave around noon or so.

I’m finished my graduate program on Friday. When I walk in June, I will have a Masters of Science in Journalism. It feels bloody awesome!

I’m spending an extra week in DC to finish editing footage from Paris and Normandy. I owe my professors in Evanston some documentary-like video pieces. We’ll see how that goes.

I also got distracted by my blog. This morning, I wanted to experiment with a new style. I missed Europe…so I used this photograph I took from our visit to Bath. That was a lovely trip.

I’m thinking about making my brainpickings look like this.

What do you think? Which one do you like better? The current layout – all in purple OR the one with the Bath photograph?

Let me know please…

*** one more thing…Internet Explorer sucks – so the blog design will always look a bit funky in that browser. I am currently using Firefox. This browser rocks my world and it’s totally customize-able. So – the best viewing of this blog is in Firefox.

one more story on Capitol Hill

Our press credentials expire on the last day of class….this Friday. I headed up to the House side for one more Illinois story on Chicago doctors….they visisted a bunch of congress-folks and Senators.

Last night – we went to yoga. I had some horrible love song stuck in my head: “…hit me with your best shot…Fire awaaaaaay….” by Pat Benatar. I hate it when I get song lyrics stuck in my head.

After yoga – I still had that song stuck in my head…
“Well you’re the real tough cookie with the long history….Of breaking little hearts, like the one in me…”

Then we went to Giant supermarket for some bread and milk. We drove into the parking lot and found the store surrounded by yellow police tape. An army of news vans had one parking row staked out. I rolled down my window and asked a reporter what was going on.

“Shooting,” she said and turned away to write her stand-up.

We drove home. We both felt a bit disturbed about a shooting that’s only a 5-7 minute drive away from our house.

As we drove up to our street…I still had that song stuck in my head…I bursted out crooning: “…hit me with your best shot…Fire awaaaaaay….”

Mark smirked and mentioned that the song could be inappropriate…given what just happened…

Damn, I could be so tactless sometimes.

I saw a taping of Frontline last night…

One of our Medill Alums is now a producer at Nightline. She invited us over to check out their news operation at ABC. Why not?

I have pix. Will post later.

I felt a bit drained…but I went anyways.

We watched George Stephanopoulos interview a soldier and his wife – from the control room.

George popped his head in the control and said “hi.”

We took a tour of the offices and the edit bays. Then a producer from “This Week” – gave us some words of wisdom. He’s a Medill alum as well.

Then a producer for “Nightline” answered questions and gave us some advice on how to get a job.

During the job hunting portion of his talk…he said his son attended Stanfurd. So he spoke to journalism students at Stanfurd. The eager beavers came up to him and said, “Someday, I want to be your anchor.”
Then he told us….”Then the Berkeley students would tell me: I’ll be your janitor, I’ll sweep floors, I’ll do anything you need. Just so that they could a foot int the door.”

He told us he would never hire those fools from Stanfurd. I said, “Go bears!”

Another good piece of advice. Open up a separate account and put money it. Use the savings as your “Go to hell” account. So, if you ever have an editor who sends you out on a sleezy/questionable story – you know you can refuse and fall back on your “Go to hell” account. He still keeps one, to this day.

looking back at the Fall…

Currently, I’m multi-tasking in the edit bays….trying to make copies of the newsmagazine for Virgnia, Maryland and Chicago public television. I’m also logging my footage from the Paris seminar.

I’m getting all mushy and nostaligic. The global program was my favorite quarter at Medill. Chuck and Samira…and other folks who are taking off for Paris this week and next….they won’t know how lucky they are until they leave Paris….I miss it so much.

I feel so blessed that I had the chance to spend an entire quarter in Europe – not just as a tourist – but as a journalist. As one girl said in the student interviews, “It’s something that’s gonna be on my resume for the rest of my life.”

ouch….on 14th and F Streets…

Managed to squeeze a little bit of working out this morning. Weighed myself….I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – the South Beach Diet works. I lost another 3 pounds 🙂 Now – I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds. This is cool.

Got some coffee at Starbucks. A suited-dude slammed his elbow into my coffee hand….ouch…..scalding hot coffee on my hand. He apologized quickly and went on to direct one of his collegues to a table.

Still…it’s a sunny day and life is good.

We visited a bunch of DC tourist traps…I mean monuments – this weekend. We also checked out Old Town Alexandria – the fav hangout for President Washington and Robert E. Lee.

random thoughts…

I had a job interview on Capitol Hill….I felt really nervous. Then the a press secretary walked in…she was from Senator Frist’s office. A black and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel padded in…..It totally cracked me up. They called the dog the office mascot. I scratched his head. Why do spaniels always look like they’re smiling? Anyways, the dog made me feel better and I was able to get through the interview without making a fool out of myself.

chilling out with Battlestar Galactica….they’re trying to steal some fuel from the Cylons. In the last scene – Commander Adama and Starbuck listened to their strike force getting torn apart….
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don’t want to eat….

kinda worried…

trying to look cool…

do i look cool?

do i?

still working on the show….

trying….to get my stories finished….

so many egos…so many feelings…this is really tiring to keep everyone happy…and to convince people to finish stuff…

now forcing myself to eat a few bites of cous-cous….yes…i can eat…just don’t want to.