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Little Balls of Fur

Breaking news is my favorite adrenaline rush in the newsroom.
Another rush: using chopper and ground crews to cover huge Bay Area events – from Tour of California to a Space Shuttle flyover.

#kvpnewsroom @AnneMakovec with softy, furry kitties from @SFACC
One of our favorite studio segments involves cute animals looking for homes. Our quick adopt-a-pet segments have helped furry friends find new families.

On another note – this cat video is hilarious! The tortured musings of spoiled pets, on YouTube.

Say La!

Video game music rocks my world. I liked playing the theme to Super Mario Bros. on my college radio shows.

Now, I stumbled on this genius rendition thanks to the viral video blog on CBS News.

This video put a smile on my face in the newsroom.

Smell Ya Later!

I am so excited about a new Anchorman sequel. I’m totally planning on seeing this in the theaters.
Anchorman 2


Another film that I won’t wait for cable/Netflix – the new Men in Black movie. Thanks to my newsroom colleague for posting this awesome Will Smith video on Facebook! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air takes over London.

Mad as Hell?

Wow! I loved this trailer for the new HBO series, “The Newsroom.”
I wonder if Jeff Daniels is channeling Howard Beale in his anchor role.

I’m setting up my DVR to record the pilot. It could be awesome. I also find myself yelling at the screen with these pseudo-newsroom shows. Ask my hubby. I tore apart “Morning Glory.” I got snarky over impossible live shots, human camera work and the newsroom meeting before the morning news show.
#kvpnewsroom : Boothing #WkdEarlyEdition taping of @liammayclem 's #LiamsList w/ #JonathanPryce #fb #in
I almost stopped watching “The Ugly Truth” when I saw the Sacramento morning news producer drive to work after sunrise. WTF.

Also – Thanks to Medill’s tweet, I spotted one of the lectures halls used by my classes in Evanston. Ah…memories!

In the field

Sometimes I manage to take a break from all the writing and scrambling for video, elements and common sense in the middle of the morning news show. During my break, I leave the newsroom and field produce live interviews for the show.
Field Producing
Last month, I met Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom at Caffe Roma in North Beach. He chatted with my morning anchor, Phil Matier, and former Mayor Willie Brown about a controversial mountain lion hunt.
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Talking Frogs, Weirdos

Forget about Twilight!

I’m super-excited about the new Muppets movie!


So, I was quite tickled to watch this opening song by Jason Segel and the Muppets. It put a smile on my face before I had to drive to work.

Did you know that the Muppets have been part of SNL since 1975? Wow!

Facebook peeps, you can watch the music video and movie trailer on my blog.

Worlds Collide

Colleague: “You should join me for the Off the Grid food truck event by Fort Mason.”
Another Colleague: “I’d love to see you at our karaoke party in JapanTown.”
Evite: “Host wanted to remind you about (insert friend’s name) birthday coming up.”

I hit the “unavailable” button on the Evite page.
My response: “I wish I could but I can’t.”
My reason: I’ll be sleeping at that time because I need to be back in the newsroom by midnight.

I live in a separate time stream from my friends, family and co-workers. Most people think Friday night is the perfect night to hang out, discover new food spots and catch-up.
It’s just another work day for me.
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La Belle Époque

I think I have the case of the travel bug. Lately, I’ve been taking virtual trips to Paris.
Tour Eiffel, 2004
I live vicariously through Adam Gopnik’s Paris to the Moon and Julia Child’s My Life in France.
I also watched Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. It’s a sweet story about one of my favorite cities in the world.

As Owen Wilson floated between modern-day Paris and its 1920s past, my heart tripped to see all the places I visited during my Eurotrip.
[Facebook peeps: Check out my blog to see a video trailer of Midnight in Paris!]

Can you unplug?

Wine Tweetups were ideal for people who like vino and who can’t put their smartphones down. I had a blast at this Sonoma Tweetup in 2009.

Getting Ready to Tweet and Taste

I enjoyed watching the trailer for Connected. I thought the filmmaker raised compelling questions about being online, plugged into social networks and connected with the world.

[Facebook peeps – you can watch the trailer on my blog link]
“Connected” opens in San Francisco this week.

Also – fess’ up: Do you check your email, text messages and tweets in the bathroom?